Who Is the Most F***ed-Up Asian Siren?

As today’s post is less substantial than usual, I thought I’d throw in this discussion post as well. I was inspired to post it by the latest escapades of Tila Nguyen—I really wonder how much of it is what she really thinks and how much is just a publicity stunt. I also have to wonder about the sanity of some of her fans. She’s set up a Gofundme scam claiming to be a single mother, and yet she also openly states she is (getting?) married. 2016/01/25 update: unbelievably, this has now raised over $6000 and even more incredibly, she has now managed to sink even lower!

Whether she’s actually insane or just trying to generate publicity, the fact that she’d be willing to stoop so low makes her seriously f***ed in the head anyway IMHO. Which got me to thinking: is Tila really the gold standard in f***ed-up Asian sirens? Angie Vu Ha comes across as pretty screwed up to me too, but she’s no comparison with Tila. Anyway, I thought it might be fun if everyone nominated their own f***ed-up Asian siren, even if they too can’t compare with Tila. :)



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    Wow… First time I’ve read that and I think the most f**ked up siren has been found. Case closed

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    It’s an interesting question, as has been stated I don’t think any really get close to Tila. I get the feeling she is just good at playing the media circus, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”.

    I think any number of the current Instagram celebrities display some similar qualities, gathering fans by Tweeting about their daily activities to support a lifestyle of partying and attending events.

    If I had to select a girl I wonder about I would say Alina Li who while she appears to be getting it together with her exit from porn is posting sexier and sexier pics on Instagram. I wonder if she will get dragged back into the world of hardcore. I hope not, but I wonder if it becomes a cash based decision.

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    Tila is doing a “Kardashian” or a “Trump”. I agree any publicity is better than none.

    No one would be so idiotic to believe the crap coming from her post…….unless she’s on drugs or not taking her medication. :)

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    It could be that TT is dumber than a box of rocks or merely that she’s the trashiest of siren’s although it could be both.Just a huge turn off for me.0 in any case

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    As someone who never really got women that easy, i hate seeing pieceofscum guys get off the hook, they need to go after the guy (if they even know their name). Kids are the ones who suffer, not this woman. She picked her bed, she has to sleep in it.

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    She went from ubiquitous “it-girl” paid handsomely just for showing up to washed-up porn actress, doing anal scenes. No amount of money can fix stupid & even if she collected $150K, she soon would be broke again. Money is like water. No matter how it is engineered or divided, it always returns to its natural level.