Angie Vu Ha (real name: Vũ Thị Hà) is Asia’s sexiest DJ, Producer (what’s that? she produces DJ’s?), and is also the world’s 4th sexiest Asian model! Apparently. She’s certainly easy on the eye. Hails from Vietnam originally but seems to be based more in Singapore.

She’s already been immortalized on Asian-Sirens, but I think it’s time for an update…

Did I mention she’s hot?

She has a website, and is on the book of faces and twitter, of course. On twitter she’s not shy about posting herself naked either, although she generally keeps (mostly) covered up. She’s on playboy social which seems to be some sort of ‘social’ experiment by playboy that pits different models and personalities against each other in a monthly contest. Angie won in October 2012.

Crikey, she’s even on Wikipedia

Here’s a lot of photos:

Oh dear, she forgot her bikini:



  1. Avatar of French

    Wiki page !?!?!? Asian-Sirens has gone all hi-hat now! Says she is of “mixed parentage”. I wonder what the other half is?

    She looks a little older than 26. I find her attractive but guess her face may not be for everyone. I like the definition in her arms- she works out. This girl is NOT shy- look at her photos.

  2. Avatar of egg

    Hot bod! That’s one long waist and slim set of hips on this girl! @French is right about her face…I think she looks a little tough for my taste, but I think this one from her Flickr set is awesome…love those dark eyes.

  3. Avatar of Luke

    I think that her make up highlights the masculine features in her face, but she looks pretty good to me. Their is a couple of nice pics where she is oiled up on her Flickr page. I think this shot with less make up is a bit softer and IMO better…

  4. Quyen’s avatar

    Wow! She’s hot. I’m surprised that she got the Americanized look even though she came straight from Vietnam.

  5. Avatar of arf

    Oh for goodness sake!!!…I loved her before and I still love her now. Incredibly sexy body of goodness.

  6. Avatar of Candyman

    Her body is killer.

  7. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    Strange set of pictures. In some I find her very inciting, while in others not to my liking.

  8. david’s avatar

    Wow! I would not kick her out of the pup tent on bivouac.

  9. Avatar of DKM

    Wow… she got great body… I think with a different make up style her face will be more feminine.

    PS: I’m unable to comment from the mobile site.

  10. Avatar of placeboy

    She is gorgeous, elegant and very sexy !
    i really like this type of girl :)

  11. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Sexy, but way too masculine for my liking.

  12. Big Red’s avatar

    Cheers, i’ll drink to that.

  13. Avatar of limo20

    She is in great shape !! her bikini picture it is awesome. !!

  14. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    DKM wrote:
    PS:I’m unable to comment from the mobile site.

    Thanks for letting me know DKM—I have confirmed the issue and I am working on a solution. In the mean time, you can still post from your mobile by switching to the standard site at the bottom of the page.

  15. Bigkopman’s avatar

    In the 2nd picture she is clearly advertising ear muffs…

  16. Avatar of wylde8

    I was undecided before, but after seeing these pics, and especially the last bikini pic, I’ve decided she’s gorgeous. The self pic of her naked by the ocean is almost too much to handle.

  17. Avatar of daznlover

    Great toned and tight body.
    Breasts, hips, curves, this girl has it all.

    In her first ASirens post, I don’t find her that attractive. But I do now!
    What has changed?…

  18. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    DKM wrote:
    PS:I’m unable to comment from the mobile site.

    Just to follow-up on this: there appears to be an error in the PHP coding of the comment form in WPtouch (the software that provides our mobile theme) which is causing this issue. It has been reported to the developers and should be fixed soon.

  19. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Wish I was a lucky man who made the grade…she’s still hot!

  20. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    I used to follow her on Facebook, but she completely turned me off her last year, when she enthusiastically celebrated the GOP congressional victory by holding up Murdoch trash on her private plane. I have to respect all opinions here, but if somebody says something I strongly disagree with, I don’t have to like it—or them.