Red Dela Cruz

Hello! My name is Travis. You might recognize me from posting like almost all of the women for the past three years on Asian Sirens. Well here I am, also on Asian Sirens! What a coinkidink!

The truth is that I have been forced away from posting a bit because I have had guests. It turns out that looking at photos of naked Asian women while people are visiting is frowned upon. Who knew?! Unfortunately, this non-stop barrage of people has made it nearly impossible to get any posts ready for you.

But FEAR NOT faithful minions. There will be a time when I can set up post after post after post after post after post of the sexiest women known to man, woman, child, and sentient rock. For now, you get Red Dela Cruz from FHM, and probably a few others if I have time.

This one
This one

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  1. Avatar of French

    Beautiful lips! Very nice breasts.

    Link One has her stripping step by step. Very nice to see a photographic progression rather than a video. I like.

    Link Two: Those last two pictures of her on the phone (I can’t link to it for some reason) are two of the hottest photographs I have seen of any Filipina. Smokin’ hot, naturally.

    Welcome back, Travis!

    -faithful minion French

  2. Avatar of egg

    I’d scrub her back! Gorgeous girl! Excellent pick Travis.

    The third pic looks like she’s trying to be supergirl, but forgot her uniform…

  3. Avatar of krippledmaster

    Oooo that stripset is great O.o Super cute girl. Love the lips!

  4. Avatar of fungusfarm

    I fear not, Travis is here! Enjoy your guests. Btw, They’re probably looking at naked Asian women when you’re not around!

    Cute girl, Red is.

  5. Avatar of Felt-Tip

    really, really beautiful.

  6. Avatar of The-Dean

    We were worried about you, Travis. Welcome back.

    Red is a little overly produced for my tastes and an occasional smile might be nice. But she has a nice smooth body (at least with all the heavy airbrushing/soft focus going on in these photos).

  7. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    Now your talking! Nothing not to like about her!

  8. Avatar of Luke

    That’s awesome, Travis you are the best. In future ask the guests to wait until the posting is done.

  9. Avatar of Peacheater

    I have been following Red since seeing her at the Mall of Asia as a promo girl for of all things, Premium Condoms. She’s stunning in person and contrary to the FHM photos smiles constantly and is very personable. Search her facebook for some great photos!

  10. Bill’s avatar

    Beautiful girl. Myself I can’t decide if I like her lips or really like her lips. They are almost too much. Nothing I would complain about though.

  11. Avatar of wylde8

    Nice work Travis and welcome back. You picked a winner with Red.

    I hope she drops the soap.

  12. Avatar of French


    Ha ha ha…good one. I really find her lips something special.

  13. Avatar of daznlover

    I’m a sucker for long curly hair. And for pinays. Red is smoking!

  14. Avatar of Basho

    No more house guests please.

  15. Avatar of Luke

    she has lots of nice photo’s at her facebook page

  16. Avatar of krippledmaster

    Here’s another hot link!

  17. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Travis, welcome back! @mccantrell, that link is awesome, thanks.

    I didn’t know FHM Philppines did nudes, but I like it!

  18. rocky’s avatar

    omg… my last cuddlebuddy encarnate… awesome…