Natalie Chanary

Initially, I thought Natalie was some random Asian hottie that I would never find out more about when I first saw a photo of her on Tumblr in workout clothes. Later, I was able to find out her identity once I saw people wishing her a happy birthday, as well as find out that she recently appeared in the March 2013 edition of Super Sport magazine which I don’t have a copy of for some strange reason.

I definitely want to see more of Natalie in the future.

AKA: Baby Nat
Birthdate: May 23
Location: Santa Ana, California, USA

Super Street | 2
Octane Freaks



  1. navi’s avatar

    beautiful cafe lu girl, but i prefer her without the boob job :|

  2. Avatar of Luke

    her self shot pics are better than the professional ones, the grey singlet :P
    does that tatt say ‘phan pork’?

  3. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    One word, well two…

    Tats, YUCK!

  4. Avatar of arf

    Love them lips…love them boobs…love them legs. Two words…Tats Yum!

  5. Avatar of Guest Poster


    Please try to state your opinion in a more respectful manner in future.

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19

    How about, tats, what was she thinking?

    The last photo is my favorite. Something about an upside down Asian girl….

  7. Avatar of jleetechie

    For a moment, the clavicle tat reminded me of Amy Fay, another Cafe Lu girl, though Natalie’s is a bit longer. Amy’s is French for Loves Conquers All. I can see a younger Natalie looking up to Amy and following her idea. Maybe it says the same…in Portuguese!

  8. Avatar of superfriends22

    I think she a nice package. Works for me!

  9. White Rice’s avatar

    She would truly make a blind man weep. Love Her Tats =__=

  10. Avatar of French

    I don’t know….

    In one of her galleries, she poses with many other female friends and I am having trouble determining which one is Natalie in some of those photos- that means she is too “cookie cutter” or “just another SoCal-looking Asian”, in my opinion.

    But then I look at her chin, her nose, and her lips and I think she is beautiful!

    The boobs are a bit much. Reading her interview informs me that she probably won’t be “modeling” for long. Reminds me of that question (paraphrased here) in The Departed, “We have a question: Do you want to be a cop (model), or do you want to appear to be a cop (model)? It’s an honest question.”

    She just seems out for a good time- nothing wrong with that! But there is nothing here that distinguishes her from thousands of other SoCal hotties who are getting pictures taken. So I don’t think she will be doing this in a couple of years.

    …and she looks very pretty without the blue contact lenses.

  11. Avatar of krippledmaster


    I thought it said “Phantastic” but upon further inspection, I think you are correct. She is very pretty and I don’t mind the tattoos, as they are not overwhelming, I just wonder about the selection to write the name of her favorite meat product so close to her delicious parts.

  12. Avatar of krippledmaster

    Hard workin’ girl! I like this, this, this, especially this. Would love to join the party in that sauna :)

  13. Avatar of ProfAbe

    Pretty face and I like her hips. But those boobs are a bit much.

  14. Avatar of Johnnie

    Perfect except for those tats.

  15. david’s avatar

    I have to say she is one beautiful young lady but I am not a big fan of the tats.

  16. Avatar of Luke


    I am not sure whether it could be “phan-o-pork” or if it really pays to like her facebook page ;)

  17. Avatar of placeboy

    Another asian american vietnamese model stereotype with big boobs & tats…

  18. Avatar of subsrus

    TATS, why do they have to do it. What a canvas it
    would be without them.

  19. Avatar of relayer

    She’s quite pretty, but I hate the breast enhancements.

    I don’t mind tattoos; however, hers are not very artistic. What does Phan Pork mean? And the other one is in a weird location. Sigh…

  20. Avatar of fungusfarm

    She’s adorable. She seems fun and upbeat. Her enhancements are attention grabbing – that’s for sure!

    Agree with LoveAsianWomen, Wingsfan, johnnie, David & Subsrus regarding the body defacement tattoos!

  21. Avatar of Luke

    She is adorable, I keep coming back to enjoy her sweet smile and I like it more each time. I couldn’t care less about the tatts, although I would like to know what they say/mean.

  22. Avatar of wylde8

    She’s definitely cute, but looks like she could be a little soft.

  23. Avatar of slackerking

    Had to go back a little ways into the feed to find someone I liked, but this girl is hot. Always wondered who she was, now I happily know.