Vs Arashi

Japanese TV show Vs Arashi (SBS2 in Australia, weekdays) was recommended by MrJ, and I have to admit of all the entertainment shows we’ve featured this is my favourite.

My understanding is Arashi started out as a boy band enjoying a fair amount of success, before branching out into other forms of media including this show. It seems to be organized chaos, but is all done in good natured fun.

Each week a couple of teams play off, I think it is a guest team vs, the boys from Arashi, but to be honest it really doesn’t matter who wins. Seeing the contestants battle through crazy Japanese games and contraptions is where the fun lies, and it’s enhanced when the teams feature some gorgeous Japanese girls (which is pretty often). I thoroughly recommend checking it out. Thanks MrJ.



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    Follow this link for like 100 or so episodes. Most are English subbed! (its from the uploader from the clips you showed):