Greta Lee

MrJ suggested we take a look at striking Korean American actress Greta Lee, so here she is.

He recommended Greta on the back of her appearance in the series Wayward Pines, but IMDb reveals an extensive list of credits. I’m not familiar with her work yet, but I look forward to checking it out. Thanks MrJ :)



  1. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Personally I find her unattractively attractive.

  2. Avatar of Luke


    It’s funny, she’s is not quite my cup of tea but I can see how at times she must appear captivating, a bit like Yoko Ono in this regard. I get the feeling moving images would be better than still.

  3. Avatar of arf

    She does look real nice…but I do believe if I could see her in person, as in like a girlfriend, she would be just a tad bit nicer.

  4. Avatar of QuantumForce

    I’ve been following Greta for a while, ever since she appeared in a few episodes of New Girl as the girlfriend of one of the main characters (pics #7 and 8) and she looked a lot better in the show than many of these pictures portray (#8 is probably the best representation).

    Her character was the dream girl many of us wish we had. If I remember correctly, she was independently wealthy from owning a startup company and paid her boyfriend’s expenses so that he didn’t have to work and could stay home and have sex with her all day. Ha!

    She was pretty cute — albeit underutilized — in Wayward Pines, too.

  5. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Wayward Pines is where I saw her first. I think Luke had it right, she looks better represented in motion than most of these photos.

  6. Avatar of Luke


    Yeah it’s funny with the ‘suggestions’ some don’t have a lot of pictures available. To her credit I think Greta works on her acting skills rather than try to build a portfolio of modeling shots.

  7. ActionMan’s avatar

    I think she’s beautiful.

  8. ActionMan’s avatar

    RomanticWarrior’s right. She’ll probably want to act then spend her time taking photoshoots.

  9. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Just saw her in Past Lives (she was very good in it), I find her attractive but not gorgeous. At least she hasn’t Westernized her features.