Noriko Endo

Her name is Noriko Salo now, having married Finnish Formula One driver Mika Salo. They met when she was his “race girl”, holding the umbrella above his car before the race. I do believe this is her Facebook page—still looks pretty good.

Noriko Endo is a former nude model born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan on December 26, 1975. Her drool-inducing figure (for me anyway) is 5’3″ (164cm) and 35F-23-34″ (90F-59-87cm).

I’ve had to edit this post as I had put up some wrong information. For the real deal you can check out seatt’s Noriko stuff in the forums or at his dedicated all things Noriko Endo site.


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  1. Avatar of MrJasonLOL

    Correct me if im misunderstanding, but she was in the Miss Asia Pacific 1980? She was born in 1975, so she was only 5?

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    This one’s unusual amongst japanese models, in as much as she’s not cute at all, but has an absolutely dynamite body with an IMHO perfect boob job, with a slightly “better than real” look which I really like, but not the all-out natural look Japanese models usually go for.

  3. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    That must be a typo on RW’s part—I’m sure he’ll fix it after he sees your comment. I guess he means 1990, but that would still only be 15.

  4. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Although I’ve found another birth date it’s still not enough to make a difference. A Noriko Endo did win Miss A-P but it must have been a different Noriko. I should have caught it. Apologies.

  5. Avatar of arf

    This is one very lovely woman. Especially those spectacular breasts and her perfect mouthwateringly glorious nipples. Drool!!!

  6. Seoul Music’s avatar

    Wow, I wish I could see more pics of her with her clothes on.

  7. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    The boobs are beautiful, and the nipple to boob ratio is fantastic. I love the underwater pic with the perfect orb shape.

  8. Avatar of seatt

    Greeting. Just finished putting up all my material here:

    Hope you will have a look. I have all pages from all three of her photobooks (some fully clothed!) and one rare video (looking for help in finding the others…).


  9. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Thanks, nice work! Our own forum should finally be up next week BTW. :)

  10. Avatar of seatt

    Greetings again.

    Just FYI that I have updated The Endo Archive:

    Including a new (and very slowly growing) magazine section of scans you will not find elsewhere on the web!

  11. Avatar of Luke


    That’s cool, really nice layout. Do you have them for any other ladies?

  12. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Indeed, that is very nice! Perhaps you might want to join the Asian Sirens team? We’ll be launching our new forum on October the 3rd—come hell or high water!

  13. Avatar of seatt

    >>Luke, thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked it. At this point, I only have a page for Noriko Endo and enough to keep me busy with that. Maybe in the future…

    >>Dr. Lee, thanks for the update on the forum and vote of confidence! I’d be glad to join the team, but I’m not sure what I could contribute other than enthusiasm, and even that just a few scant hours a week. That said, if you still think I could help, please let me know what is needed to take things forward.

  14. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Thanks! I’ll be in touch shortly.

  15. jarze’s avatar

    Finnish Wikipedia says they married in 1999, and dated 8 years before that. So she was about 16 years when they started? I truly doubt that birth year.