Jiao Chen

I’m sure you remember Ugirls from some of the hilariously photoshopped pictures of their hotties. Well here is another, Ugirl #31 Jiao Chen (to the best of my translating skills).

Jiao Chen has a lovely elfin look, almond shaped eyes and creamy skin. I only found one link to photos here and couldn’t figure out how to subscribe to her Ugirls page. It does appear to me that her photo set is recent so lets hope that there will be more to come soon. If these are anything to go by I’m sure there will be. ;)

Home: Shanghai
Height: 167cm
Measurements: 92-60-89″



  1. wknight40’s avatar

    Love them eyes, the rest of her is great also.

  2. Avatar of moondoggy

    Wow those eyes. you can help but be mezmorized by them. Very lovely indeed

  3. gunnar’s avatar

    is the shape of her head real? i have never seen anything like that before, at least not in china…
    the insane amount of photoshop makes me wonder if she is real or a CG model :) anyhow not my style…

  4. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Thanks! Judging from the video, the photos seem reasonably accurate. Impressive!

  5. Avatar of Basho

    A womanly figure. Photoshop or not. Pleasing imagery

  6. Avatar of arf

    So creamy and lovely.

  7. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Very lovely, thin but not overly so. Love her curves!

  8. benjamin’s avatar

    how to type in chinese?