Rebecca Chen

Rebecca Chen is a sexy Malaysian girl from Singapore, or was that a sexy Singaporean girl from Malaysia? Either way she is sexy and she has a nude pics scandal!!!

Unfortunately I can’t find any pics significantly nude enough to be scandalous in my book. I did however find plenty of sexy pics.

For those that care, Rebecca was adopted and claims to be Chinese, she will shoot nudes but only with photographers she admires and will only do free shoots in exceptional circumstances—modelling is after all her main source of income. I like her a lot :)

Born: June 21, 1990
Location: Singapore
Personal Interests: Dance, singing, water sports, shopping, sleeping, eating, massages, travelling, acting, modeling

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  1. Fozworth’s avatar

    Don’t go for the bolt-ons, but always room for an exception to the rule! :-)

  2. j smith’s avatar

    built for comfort

  3. gunnar’s avatar

    imho she’s a bit too average to pose non-nude.
    i don’t think i would look at her twice in the street.

  4. Avatar of French

    One of the coolest pictures I have ever seen on this sight is that incredible “hand stand” photo (pic #7) above- WOW! Look at that pose!

    Nice facial symmetry.

    Her pics “hide” her shorter legs, or rather, draw attention to assets other than her legs. Her feet seem damaged from too much high heel wearing. :(

  5. j smith’s avatar


    Truly a great pic,

  6. Avatar of Basho

    Spectacular, beautiful woman. Looking like she is having a great time. What is not to like

  7. Avatar of arf

    Pretty Fabulous indeedy! Oh Boy! Fourth fifth and sixth shot above are just great.

  8. Avatar of JT810

    Favorite part of watching Rebecca Chen’s movie 2017′s “Siew Lup” was seeing her male on screen partner kiss her belly button in one of the sex scenes