The Weather Girls

Thankyou to rex, who suggested a post on Taiwanese girl group the Weather Girls. Strange as it may sound, they do in fact forecast the weather.

The band was formed to present the weather in an entertaining way, dancing in a cute Japanese style. There was one girl for each day of the week, Hijon for Monday, Esse for Tuesday, Ria for Wednesday, Mia for Thursday, Mini for Friday, Yumi for Saturday and NueNue for Sunday.

There had been as many as 34 girls used to present the TV program before the most talented seven were selected to turn the group into a musical act, launching in Japan in 2012. They proved to be very popular for providing something new and interesting, and to date have released six singles and one studio album. The girls hope to further their careers and to continue to present the weather in an entertaining fashion—with the increasing effects of El Niño they shouldn’t be short of material.

Name – Hijon (ハイジャン)
Birthdate – September 27th
Height – 162CM
Weight – N/A
Blood Type – O
Day – Monday
Element – Lightning

Name – Esse (エース)
Birthdate – August 18th
Height – 160CM
Weight – 42KG
Blood Type – O
Day – Tuesday
Element – Rain

Name – Dara (ダラ)
Birthdate – September 7th
Height – 159CM
Weight – N/A
Blood Type – O
Day – Wednesday
Element – Cloud

Name – Mia (ミア)
Birthdate – June 12th
Height – 162CM
Weight – 42KG
Blood Type – A
Day – Thursday
Element – Sun

Name – Mini (ミニ)
Birthdate – June 30th
Height – 165CM
Weight – 43KG
Blood Type – A
Day – Friday
Element – Snow

Name – Yumi (ユミ)
Birthdate – March 5th
Height – 168CM
Weight – N/A
Blood Type – B
Day – Saturday
Element – Fog

Name – Nue Nue (ニューニュー)
Birthdate – October 4th
Height – 166CM
Weight – N/A
Blood Type – O
Day – Sunday
Element – Wind



  1. MaJieMao’s avatar

    Office Lady, Schoolgirl, Sailor…. what’s not to like……well the music…..I’ll look past it :-)

  2. Avatar of arf

    I would absolutely take one of each of these lovely sirens home to meet my mom. :) OK, Maybe not…I’m married so she wouldn’t approve. But WoW!!! they’re hot.

  3. gunnar’s avatar

    cute girls… but taiwanese, really? how all the names and logos are in japanese?

  4. Avatar of Luke


    They are specifically designed for and sold to the Japanese market. The girls either speak Japanese or are learning but they are originally from Taiwan.

  5. Avatar of rex

    Thanks Luke for your work on this post and others. Hope all enjoy these Asian Sirens.

  6. Avatar of QuantumForce

    Mini is my favorite because she keeps her original black hair color. To me, she just pops out among all the others. (Also, she’s very pretty.)

    It’s ironic that, in a part of the world where almost everyone is born with black hair, and so many people color their hair in order to be different, the one who keeps her original black hair color is the one who ends up standing out among the rest.

  7. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Interesting what QuantumForce wrote above about the hair and agreed!

    Collectively these girls are quite attractive and appealing to the eye. Individually, I like only Mia.

  8. Avatar of wingsfan19

    If I had to choose, it would be Nue Nue and Mia.