Carli Bei’s Naked News Audition

Unlike the other Naked Newscaster hopefuls who’ve been featured here previously, Carli Bei was eventually chosen to be a permanent member of the “program with nothing to hide.” As Whitney St. John says here during her stripping introduction, Carli first auditioned for Naked News in 2011 but didn’t quite make the cut back then.

Even though Whitney doesn’t say exactly what it is Carli has now that she didn’t seem to have in 2011, Miss Bei was recently selected to be the third Asian lady to permanently join the Naked News team. As of this writing, Carli’s profile is not yet featured at Naked News’ official site, but you can learn more about her from the exclusive interview she recently did with

August 2014 Edit: was recently and permanently shut down but Carli’s interview can now be seen at Idol Features, where it’s been republished with Carli’s blessing.

December 2014 Edit: Check out my recent interview with Carli at Amped Asia.



  1. Avatar of Luke

    She seems like really good fun, it’s much better when they interview her. For some reason the news reading comes across a bit like a life drawing class to me and lacks any sexiness. When she is having fun she is gorgeous.

  2. draco’s avatar

    I wish we could see some more videos of her on NN apart from this one.

  3. Avatar of arf

    She has a really splendid butt when she turns around and walks away from the camera.

  4. MaJieMao’s avatar

    She does seem fun, and the butt is nice, the rest not up to siren level.

  5. Avatar of Beni Snow

    Although she says she’s comfortable being in front of the camera, she looks pretty awkward. She’s certainly not the prettiest siren we’ve had on here, but she’s not bad looking and I love her body. Right up my street. Agree with Draco – would be good to see some more of her – I think she’d seem much more comfortable after a few more appearances.

  6. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Carli is cute but not very shapely. I do like that she actually can present news and speaks well.

    Why does her bottom half of her body seem like it’s a different darker color?

  7. Dask44’s avatar

    Carli is just amazing!— She’s really beautiful, and sexy. Everyone finds boldness and bravery to be a sexy and appealing qualities, and being on the Naked News, Carli is definately blessed with those traits.

    I agree with some of the earlier comments that at times Carli seems a little bit stiff and inhibited. I still think the best anchor the Naked News every had was Lisa Benton. She was really loose and relaxed, and so much fun and so sexy. While Lisa’s looks definatley helped her appeal a great deal, it was really Lisa’s personality that won me over. She had such a great sense of humor, and she was kind of a ham. But it just worked so well. You could really see that Lisa was having fun with it, and she was so totally uninhibited, and that made her segments so much fun and so sexy. Seeing that she was having so much fun with it made her segments really hot and enjoyable. If only Carli could channel her “inner Lisa Benton”

    But Carli has a little bit of that in her. She’s done “naked twerking” several times on the NN, and that was just spectacular. Carli has the tightest and hottest behind of any of the NN anchors. It’s really a matter of opinion, whether you prefer a bigger behind, or tighter firm shapely behind (like Carli’s), but I think Carli’s got by far the best backside of any of the NN anchors. Athena King is probably the only NN anchor who could match Carli in that category. And the rest of her body- her legs, thighs, abs, just gorgeous. And I want to keep this tasteful, but it’s such a shame that most Asian girls don’t shave down there (it shows our “social genital bias” that we can talk about penises all we want, but we cant’ even mention that without sounding offensive, but I’ll still say Carli is just gorgeous down there).

    I think Carli Bei is a really great addition to the Naked News. All the women on NN are beautiful, but let’s be honest, they’ve lost a lot of their best and most powerful anchors in recent years. They really needed to bring in a “ringer”, and Carli Bei was a great choice.— Love the babe. Carli is just fantastic, and the best reason to keep your NN membership.