Fely Irvine

For those of us lucky enough to live down under, Fely Irvine has been gracing our screens in a variety of roles for some time now…

A former member of Hi-5—a program with an admirable history of employing hot Asians—Fely’s latest role is on the Australian version of The Voice. The show, which is famous for giving performers a go regardless of appearance, was hit for six when Fely walked out for the ‘Battle Round’ in an outfit that kept me seated for a long time. Needless to say she got over the line. I’m pretty sure she sang too. ;)

Birth name: Fely Irvine
Born: January 09, 1988
Origin: Scottish & Filipino descent
Activities: Singer, Actress

Hi-5 Profile
You Tube



  1. gunnar’s avatar

    not for me thanks!
    btw all the photos are visible in the preview as of this morning 9:30 china time ;)

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Thanks gunnar—looks like Luke forgot the ‘more’ tag again. :)

    I never found this girl attractive when she was in Hi-5 either, but she seems to have matured quite well (and the bleached hair works surprisingly well for her).

  3. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Cute face and nice figure! I’d prefer her with dark hair.

    I’m not that impressed with her singing….

  4. Avatar of Luke

    Dr. Lee,

    Sorry Doc!

    Kathleen was always going to be an hard act to follow :)

  5. Avatar of The-Dean

    I think she’s cute as hell. And, while I don’t like her choice of material, her voice is not bad. Far better than the J-Pop/K-Pop stuff many of the others are performing.

  6. MaJieMao’s avatar

    She is a bit skinny, but very cute an exotic, I would also prefer dark hair. I like.