Natsuki Yoshinaga 吉永なつき

Natsuki Yoshinaga is a Japanese model with a fine body… …of work.

There may in fact be two Natsukis, as the JJgirls link has one involved in more extreme shoots and other in more ‘classy’ shoots from Graphis and the like. I have gone with the latter pics but the others can be found at the link if you so desire. I think they are different girls but I may be wrong, it happens (somewhat regularly).

Full Name: Natsuki Yoshinaga
Country: Japan
City/State: Hyogo
Birth Date y:1986 m:12 d:20
Blood Type O
Height: 163cm
Measurements:(cm) B:83 W:58 H:84

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  1. Avatar of arf

    I’m gonna go with 100% Siren all the way with this beauty.

  2. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    I’d say over 80% or so.

  3. Avatar of French

    arf speaks the truth!

    That third picture- her nose in profile, got me. It’s over. She is hot.

  4. Avatar of Bubalabobo


    Fellow nose fan, so we’re trading comments on best noses! Until we have some big-boob girls on here, my attention will be on noses, small waists, and black hair. French, I see you like the little ‘cute’ noses the ladies have. How about the somewhat larger, stronger nose, like the recent Mina?
    That’s quality.

    Natsuki is pretty, but what I really notice are the little, gently shapely legs–e.g., pics #4 and #11–she’s packing some toned little quadriceps. I like.

  5. Tbone’s avatar

    very nice physique, long lean legs, all natural body with no implants.

    as always, could use session with mr. bic razor

  6. IeatCows’s avatar

    Refreshing after the last couple of posts! Pretty and Fit. Thanks for the breather :)

  7. John Smith’s avatar


  8. Avatar of ......

    Yes – a good one after a few subpar girls here…

  9. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    Interesting comments. We are such a diverse group, I have to see the long, straight, jet black, silky hair to be at the very top of the Siren scale. Some, noses do the trick, others legs, and onward.

    Would be a boring world should we all like the identical. :)

  10. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Ahhhhh beautiful Blood Type O!

  11. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Naturally beautiful. Winner!

    Agree with Tbone – needs to be smooth down below.

  12. Avatar of Luke

    Romanticwarrior wrote:
    Ahhhhh beautiful Blood Type O!

    I always look for a nice blood type ;)

  13. Avatar of wylde8

    We have a winner here. I haven’t commented much lately because most of the recent girls haven’t done much for me, but this girl is reversing the trend. Hot, hot, hot!

  14. gunnar’s avatar

    not bad! hopefully we can go on with girls like this!

  15. obama’s avatar

    the JJgirls link is the same person, she’s a porn actress, also known as satsuki aoyama and kyoko takigawa. I collect all her movies.