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    The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo which is typically held in the later half of January after CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a porn convention that I always wanted to attend in person.

    The convention and award […]

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    Alina Li is someone that I wanted to write about when she first came to my attention in 2013 as an incredible Asian beauty and emerging star in the porn industry. Alina left the porn industry sometime in June […]

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    Lately I’m finding that the women who start their careers in adult entertainment as webcam models later progress into adult modeling and or starring in adult films. At least that seems to be the case for the […]

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    I’m not sure why a news story from 2013 featuring an ice cream popiah vendor from Taiwan has once again gone viral in November 2014, but some things require no […]

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    I wish my ability to understand Chinese was as good as my ability to spot a beautiful Asian woman when I see one, so I apologize if my translation of her name is incorrect.

    I’ll stick with the facts on […]

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    I’m glad that so many of you enjoyed this article. From my experience, there’s more people who are interested in discussing news stories versus discussing Asian women because we see them daily on here. And if that […]

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    On a more serious note, I wanted to take a moment to discuss Nina Pham and offer our readers an opportunity to give their well wishes. Nina Pham is one of two nurses who contracted the deadly virus Ebola while […]

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    Glad that you agree. I love it too.


    I saw a clip of that video. Hot stuff.

    Dr. Lee,

    Sure. It’s been submitted.

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    When Eva Lovia first caught my attention a while back, I was immediately drawn to her eyes and freckles which enhance the “girl next door” look that she has. Eva, who started out performing her own webcam […]

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    Dr. Lee,

    Thank you.


    To me, she’s just hot period. I’m sure we all prefer to see her in motion though with those curves. […]

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    Ling is probably one of the juiciest Asian models on social media right now. Unfortunately details about Ling are hard to come by, so I will let the photos speak for me on this article. I wonder if she enjoys […]

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    Vixen Vu was someone who I was personally looking to identify after seeing this lovely photo of her on the internet some months back. Vixen is a Vietnamese/Chinese cam model who also shares her photos on […]

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    I feel that a beauty such as Ma Yourong will finally provide me with the huge motivational boost I have been looking for to start learning Chinese, so that I can stop relying so much on Google Translate to do […]

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    Hopefully I don’t need too many words to explain how much of a babe Asuka Kishi is. If you do happen to be someone in need of further convincing, just take a look after the break.

    Be careful because it […]

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    One of the goals that I usually strive for when selecting models to write about is diversity. In particular for this site, I try to cover women from as many different ethnicities as possible. I’m not sure if […]

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    I’m not sure whether to be thankful of Twitter for bringing Misato Shimizu to my attention, or concerned that the service knows so much about the type of Asian women that I like to suggest her as someone to […]

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    For a while now, I’ve been looking for the right someone to feature who wasn’t a professional model or a famous celebrity, and more of the amateur variety to switch things up a bit. Harriet Sugarcookie is a […]

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    I’m thankful to have the opportunity to pay Thuy Li a revisit, as it has been a long time since she was last featured on Asian Sirens. Thuy Li is a Vietnamese model whose curves and striking beauty made her a […]

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    Lately I have been researching Chinese models, and Mandy was someone that I wanted to personally find out more about and see more of after viewing a photo of this busty beauty posing in a sheer camisole, but […]

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    I love the lips on Bryiana. And I’m glad that she started posing nude since we last saw her.

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    I love when the internet brings to my attention someone who I long forgot about. Daniella Wang is a model that I was crazy about back when I first saw her in 2008. Her exotic looks and sexy curves easily made […]

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    Alina Li was someone I was hoping to write about because it’s been a while since I saw an Asian pornstar that I was really excited about. She’s definitely bringing the heat, and I’m expecting big things from her […]

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    I could have sworn that we’ve featured Linda Le (AKA Vampy Bit Me) previously on Asian Sirens, which is why I haven’t written sooner about one of the sexiest cosplayers around and someone that I have been a […]

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    I didn’t have any immediate plans to revisit an article for someone that has been featured previously, but after seeing some of the latest videos of Ashley in HD, they were too hot for me not to share. Plus I […]

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    Hi Hailan, glad you like the article. You are amazing.

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