Ling (lingxo16)

Ling is probably one of the juiciest Asian models on social media right now. Unfortunately details about Ling are hard to come by, so I will let the photos speak for me on this article. I wonder if she enjoys long walks on the beach?

Frank Zhen | 2 | 3
Video | 2



  1. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Welcome back Candyman! I’ve always enjoyed your posts, as it seems we have quite similar taste, and this girl is certainly no exception. Sexy!

    I’m guessing from her name that she’s Chinese until proven otherwise.

  2. J.Smith’s avatar

    Yup she’s a hottie :)

  3. Quyen’s avatar

    Baby face and a killer body. What a knockout!

  4. Avatar of French

    Pretty, BUT way hotter in video than in print. Why is that?

    Check out this video and tell me I am wrong.

    Just try…..yeah, I thought so. Or did I?

    I was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and man, those Asian gals made me crazy.

  5. Avatar of wingsfan19

    There are a couple of photos where she looks a little over inflated, but the side view shots are awesome.

  6. J.Smith’s avatar


    I wish they all could be Californian “asian” girls :)

  7. Avatar of French


    So true! But a close second are the Aussie-Asian gals with those accents!

  8. Avatar of arf

    Oh Good Gosh!…she is the bomb diggity. I’d never stop drooling.

  9. Nik2’s avatar

    There are a lot of Asian women in NYC. While they seem to be better dressed, more stylish and more cosmopolitan their LA counterparts, they lack sultriness and sex-appeal of their CA sisters. While for some reason I wanted to dislike this woman I am smitten with her.

  10. Avatar of French


    Exactly! You would not see this woman, dressed like this, in NYC.

    And I can’t stop revisiting this photo! She is so damn sexy!

  11. Avatar of wylde8

    Nice. Always wondered who this siren was that I would occasionally stumble across on the internet.

  12. Avatar of Candyman

    Dr. Lee,

    Thank you.


    To me, she’s just hot period. I’m sure we all prefer to see her in motion though with those curves.


    I would always see her photos floating around the internet but did not know who she was until I started searching. Hopefully now more people are aware of her.

  13. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Cute and sexy!

  14. Avatar of Basho

    I love a full and firm looking woman