Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me)

I could have sworn that we’ve featured Linda Le (AKA Vampy Bit Me) previously on Asian Sirens, which is why I haven’t written sooner about one of the sexiest cosplayers around and someone that I have been a huge fan of for quite some time. I was looking at some non-cosplay photos of Linda and thought that it was a good time to pay Linda a visit, or revisit if we happen to have an article for her somewhere I wasn’t able to find.

Linda is also on the cover of the December 2013 edition of FHM Singapore looking amazing in some black lingerie. Make sure you check it out if you haven’t done so already.

The Chive | 2
Ryan Chua
Video | 2 | 3



  1. Avatar of AmericanArsenal

    She’s super sexy! Love the black lingerie on that blood red cover! What a knock out!

  2. Avatar of French

    I’d bring her home to Mom….

    ….and make Mom deal with it. Linda is HOT!

    Interesting website: She certainly follows her dream, travels, and does some charity work. She is also “branding” herself. I hope her business turns out well.

    She even put a picture of her mom on her Facebook page. Her mom is 60 and this is where Linda gets her good looks from.

    Once again, Linda is HOT!

  3. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    This is indeed a long overdue post—I remember getting requests for her years ago. Sometimes girls got “lost between the cracks” in the past, hence my implementation of the Suggest Post page on the new site.

  4. Avatar of smellykev

    Holy Camel-toe Batman!!

    Fantastically sexy woman, but not liking what she’d done to her eyes….

  5. Avatar of arf

    DANG!!!…she’s hot. Just so super sexy in that first shot.

  6. MaJieMao’s avatar

    She has to do her make-up just right to look attractive limited in natural beauty in the face, she is got some curves that are unbelievable, so I don’t believe them.

  7. Avatar of Bubalabobo


    That’s my only qualm with this girl, too. The makeup is studied. That said, it’s a trivial objection to a otherwise smoking hot piece. I remember seeing pic #10 on Tumblr–hot.

  8. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    Great hair, but a less make-up and shed really be special. Picture 6 is very nice and 10 is toned down a bit with the make-up.

  9. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Very cute. I really like her pics with the less made up look.

    Agree with Smelly: In some pics, her eyes look unnatural and off.

    Cover photo on FHM is absolutely beautiful! WOW! Great smile!

  10. Roger’s avatar

    daddy likey!

  11. Avatar of Elric

    Nice, I think I’ve seen the Psylocke cosplay pics on

  12. Avatar of daznlover

    Nice….. curvy and fit! And very smart too, that makes her even hotter.

  13. Juls’s avatar

    Oh god ! she is perfect for a dark party @ Ibiza Spain,… great !!!

  14. Avatar of meh1001

    Linda Le nudes here.

    Bit scary though!

  15. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Trust meh to find the nudes! Perhaps we should update the article with this significant news.

  16. Avatar of Luke

    Dr. Lee,

    He is truly gifted, a nude savant ;)

    I half expect he has a file on me that I was otherwise unaware of.

  17. Vliet Arsenal’s avatar


    I like the “Gothic” lingerie shot ! She can “bite” me anytime !