A pretty Asian girl turned 3/4 away from the camera and looking back over her left shoulder. She has short black hair, and wears a white tube top exposing most of her back and shoulder. She wears heavy eye makeup which accentuates her eyes.

Yes, I know that her name sounds a bit like a Batman villan, but in reality she’s a very lovely lady.

In the US she goes by Alice Rehemutula.

Lovely Baha Guli, or Bahargul, comes to us from Urumqi, Xinjiang, China by way of Shanghai. As she tells it, in 2009 she moved with her mom to Shanghai (while not being fully versed in Mandarin) and appeared on China’s Got Talent, where she placed 5th out of 30,000 contestants, and was nominated as ‘World Chinese Image Ambassador’. She followed that up in 2010 by singing the theme song for the World Expo in Shanghai.

Not happy with having conquered China, she moved to the US to pursue her film and TV career (while not being fully versed in English), and graduated with an MFA from the LA branch of the New York Film School in 2018. She was featured in Voyage LA magazine and lives in LA, working as an actress and producer. Sorry lads, she recently got engaged to Dante Basco (and not Donnie Brasco as I originally read it) and they seem pretty solid.

Name: 巴哈古丽/Baha Guli
Real name: Bahargul
Profession: Actress, singer
Birthdate: 1988-Apr-02
Birthplace: Urumqi, Xinjiang
Height: 166cm (5′ 5¼”)
Star sign: Aries
Chinese zodiac: Dragon

A pretty Asian girl with long black hair facing 3/4 to the camera. She has her mouth party open and wears a black knit top that partly exposes her left shoulder.

A pretty Asian girl with shoulder length black hair poses beside an exercise machine in a gym. She wears a black sports bra and black workout pants and has on black gloves. Her left arm is raised above her head holding the machine while her right hand rests on her hip.

A pretty Asian woman performs on stage, wearing a short feathered skirt and black bustier top, She is in the midst of dancing with her right arm extended above her head. Her bangs hang down over her right eye.

A pretty Asian girl performs on stage, kneeling side on to the camera. She wears a tight, short black dress and knee high boots. With her left hand she holds a bar going across the frame at head height.

A pretty Asian woman with long black hair sits, cutting food on a table in front of her with a knife. She wears a grey hoodie and jeans and has sunglasses perched on top of her head.

A black and white image of a pretty Asian woman with medium length black hair. She stands sideways to the camera with her hands behind her head holding her hair back. She wears a white sleeveless v-neck top with a chain necklace around her neck.

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  1. Romeo’s avatar

    She’s beautiful and all that but she looks like a hot version of Elaine from Seinfeld. I get it, she’s from China but is she actually Asian or a white person born and raised in China? It doesn’t matter except that this is Asian Sirens and… we may be missing the Asian part. She is a siren though.

  2. Avatar of egg


    Her bio says she’s born and raised in Urumqi, Xinjiang, so I guess technically that makes her Central Asian. I think it’s the Uyghur background that steers her toward looking more Caucasian…

  3. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Considering where she’s from,Urumqi, she may have a goodly dose of one ofthe “stans” in her bloodline.