A moderate search turned up nothing.

Damn the luck! Jinny, as she likes to be called, appears to have been born in 1998. On her Instagram is also the name Yejin Ko. Her real name? Nothing on Jinny popped up searching that name either, but it’s almost certainly Korean, so that’s what we’ll go with. All we have then are the photos, and they’re damn good photos. How can he inter-webs not be flooded with photos and info of this siren? A beautiful woman, a great body and a delicious skin tone. We don’t need to mention the single demerit. The doors to the HH are flung open.






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    Where is everyone today? This girl is so pretty and sexy, and those abs! 8O

  2. Avatar of smellykev

    The 1st photo was a nope from me. She just looked overcooked. Praise to the gods of asian sirens however that I (hesitantly) explored a bit further. Woweee, she is definitely worth fetching a box of tissues for!

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    Dr. Lee,

    I thinks she’s incredible. Her skin tone would look great on mine.

  4. Avatar of MaJieMao

    Very interesting body she has. Wouldn’t make my list due to tats but I can see the appeal

  5. Avatar of ringking

    That 1st pic was intriguing enough for me to click through. I couldn’t believe how small her waist line was. She is a gorgeous little hottie.

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    Judging from the variation on her pics that’s clearly down to editing, but she’s still super hot and in great shape anyway.

  7. Afiugud’s avatar

    There are some picture in their photoshop

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    Not gonna lie, I could definitely see myself between her lips while she looks up at me with those big asian eyes.