Anjanett Kay

Okay so you like Thai girls? She’s got Thai in her. Laotian? Got it. Cambodian? It’s in there. Vietnamese? Check. Chinese? Damn Skippy. And just for a little extra flavor throw in some Indonesian. I could die happy.

Anjanett, born in Fort Smith, Arkansas and now living in Sacramento California, is either a gogo dancer or a retired gogo dancer, in addition to being a model. In addition to her bikini/fashion/import model shoots a few years ago, she made it into a couple of YouTube videos by artists I’ve never heard of. She was featured in the video That Girl by Alex Ramos and also Do Some by Tony Luu, which could fall under the banner of cultural appropriation.

I must have held her in the ‘to do’ file too long, as her Instagram is now private and her Facebook and Twitter are gone. There are a few pics on her old Model Mayhem page if you’re so inclined. AND she has a kid.

Age: 29
Height: 5’1″ (155cm)
Weight: 107lbs (49kg)
Measurements: 34B-22-25″ (86-56-64cm)

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  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    A MILF with a smile!

  2. Avatar of Pyle

    I am pretty sure she is the cutest girl from Arkansas I have ever seen.

  3. Avatar of smellykev

    Pyle wrote:
    I am pretty sure she is the cutest girl from Arkansas I have ever seen.

    But isn’t Hillary Clinton from Arkansas? Don’t tell me you haven’t rubbed off a few to THAT vixen…..and she’s not even asian.

  4. Avatar of arf


    I just upchucked a little in my mouth and it wasn’t pleasant. But Anjanett can make me forget about all the unpleasantries. She looks pretty wonderful.

  5. Ogrady’s avatar

    Anjanette is definitely cute but the other one in the second video is really good looking. RW, put Rockey Basco on your to do list. She’s on my bucket list, but it’s in the pipe dream column.

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Very cute but Imma guess her hips aren’t 25 inches.