SeoulMusic requested something on Lin Chi-ling.

A well-known model, we suppose the term ‘supermodel’ fits in the Taiwanese market. Lin is also an actress and television host. Back in 2004 she was featured in a series of advertisements all over Taiwan, billboards, TV commercials, building size posters etc., and almost overnight achieved national fame and instant celebrity. This caused a ‘Big Bang effect’ in Taiwan as far as supermodels go, so much so it’s been called “the Lin Chi-ling Phenomenon”.

DOB: 1974/11/29
Height: 5’8″ (174cm)
Measurements: 30-23-33″ (76-58-83cm)


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    Ok, can we please organise a team to surround this Korean hottie immediately to protect her from further plastic modifications, and rope.

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    Just a fact check here, Lin Chi-ling is Taiwanese, not Korean.

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    Yes, I was curious about that, given her name and popularity in Taiwan (she also looks very Taiwanese to me), but I thought RW must have checked on this. I will correct the article.

  4. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    I took a wrong turn somewhere because I read about her. Mea culpa.

  5. Avatar of DeepSky

    Very beautiful woman. I’d love to see some current images of her, I’d wager she’s still quite beautiful at nearly 47.

  6. Avatar of Mkick


    check her instagram. some of these posted above are recent, which proves your guess

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    DOB nineteen seventy four ???

  8. Avatar of Romanticwarrior


    Yeah, nineteen seventy four.

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    I’d be a very happy guy if I could just have her! I’m a nineteen seventy three kinda guy so maybe we have a few things in common.

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    Older lady but I’d still be excited to be with her!