Ivy Pearl (Ivy Vo)

Serious Déjà vu.

Perhaps some of the brethren can authenticate this, but haven’t we seen girls with this look numerous times? We mean eerily the same? Perhaps after posting so many sirens some of them run together. We aren’t saying we don’t like it—we do—but we could swear we’ve seen this girl before. Of Vietnamese extraction and operating out of the LA area of California, Ivy does… something, and she does it on Onlyfans.




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    Sexy hottie eye-candy with a beautiful smile too. Please many more like Ivy!

  2. Slick312’s avatar

    I like her face better than her figure (which isn’t bad). If she’s doing Onlyfans she has enough income to be very comfortable. If there are lots more like her that’s not a bad thing.

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    Her OF is quite expensive (USD20.99 per month) and the description is quite weak. Looks like she wants big cash for nothing. Not sure if people are willing to pay for that (I wouldn’t).

    Ivy Pearl
    Hi, my lovelies!
    I hope to interact daily with you all, and let’s have some fun!~

    + I provide customs/requests
    + I provide weekly exclusives

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    Quite beautiful and her smile is indeed fetching, but not worth $20.99 a month.

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    I think she’s quite gorgeous, with a nice, trim and fit body. Lovely.


    Please do post that site in the forum, not here—I edited it out of your comment.

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    Nobody is worth it on OnlyFans

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    Dr. Lee wrote:wingsfan19,

    Please do post that site in the forum, not here—I edited it out of your comment.

    Of course, sorry about that.

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    I can state that her Only Fans has some very sexy content. While she doesn’t actually get nude her photos are high quality and are very sexy. I actually find the suggestive quality sexier than some pages where you’re just confronted by a face full of gash.

    Also after you subscribe you have access to all the content rather than some cheaper pages that ask you to pay more for exclusive content even though you’ve already paid the initial subscription fee.