Zehya Qínfuengfu

Zehya is Thai.

I’ve never seen a last name like hers on a Thai, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Almost certainly a mix, it’s probably from her father’s side if indeed there’s more to her than just being Thai—she certainly has a different look to her anyway. From her photos it looks like Zehya does some race queen stuff and also knows home decor. There are some photos of a child among her pics so it’s possible she’s a MILF. One thing’s for sure, she has an outstanding bosom (two things?).


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  1. Avatar of arf

    She is pretty wonderful. Especially them legs of hers. Thick and juicy.

  2. Avatar of MaJieMao

    That’s a MILF I’d like to meet

  3. Avatar of DeepSky

    As RW notes, there’s a different look to Ms. Zehya, and I find that look quite appealing.

  4. Avatar of ChickenEssence


    Precisely her look does not work for me, but her body certainly does …

  5. Avatar of tiger

    Interesting Milf