Mary Ings

Mary won first place in a chess tournament in the Massachusetts girls state championship some years ago.

We hope that just means she’s smart and not that she likes to play games.

Mary Ings AKA Mary Ings McCaffrey (born 1998/10/24) works at Warner Music, and is also a performance content coordinator at some eyelash company as best we can tell. We believe she’s studying journalism at the fairly prestigious Loyola Marymount University, so she’s probably a pretty sharp woman. Ings, we think, is usually a Norse name, although there are more Ings in England than anywhere else. Almost certainly a mixed siren her Asian ethnicity is a guess, but her attractiveness is not.

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  1. Avatar of DeepSky

    Mary has a hot little bod, with some great abs!

  2. Avatar of MaJieMao

    A serious overachiever. Body looks a bit too tone in some images for me.

  3. Avatar of smellykev

    She’s actually rubbish at chess, but just happened to wear that red bikini while she competed…

  4. Avatar of Seems

    What a cutie! Great smile and terrific physique.

  5. staffy-boy’s avatar

    Very nice glutes.

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Great smile, and she makes me want to channel my inner Viking.

  7. Avatar of arf

    Holy Goodness! Geez Really?!?! I love her. Not to sure about Vikings but I would really love to get into her inner channel though. Almost like Wings said.

  8. Roger Sack’s avatar

    Nice NATURAL beauty.

  9. Avatar of TheyCallMeBruce

    “Ing” as a surname is Chinese, so, it may be that “Ings” is simply for social media purposes. That being said, I have never seen a Chinese girl that petite with that kind of ASS. She would fit in quite nicely with Alex Filippides’s bevy of Bali beauties.

  10. Avatar of DeepSky


    That ass didn’t come naturally, it, and her legs, are clearly the result of long hours well spent at the gym.

  11. Avatar of tiger

    Chess Club has lost the Nerd factor I See. Wow. Checkmate me! 8O