Hamel Patel

Hamel is an Instagram fashion and beauty influencer.

She usually is seen promoting makeup designs and Indian brand clothing on her gram. Although Hamel (born 1997/5/13) is from Raleigh, North Carolina, she seems very in tune with her motherland and looks to be a bit of an activist for causes there. Although we personally don’t place her in the upper echelon of Indian sirens, we admit we could be seduced by her creamy brown thighs.




  1. Avatar of Seems

    Mmmmmm, yummy! I’m a complete sucker for a beautiful Indian woman, and she definitely checks all my boxes. Absolutely love that complexion.

  2. Staffy’s avatar

    She is a beautiful woman with alluring eyes. Tight body.

  3. Avatar of MaJieMao

    Extremely exotic and extremely Hot! I like her a lot!

  4. Avatar of SRA

    Wow a very saucey Asian Siren, who needs to drop some of those clothes…

  5. Avatar of arf

    Mmmmmmh Mmmmmmh Mmmmmmmh!!!!! Holy Moly! she is absolutely WoW!!!!! I think I need her in my life right now.

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Indian sirens are a nice change of pace, and Hamel is very sexy.

  7. Sir Shagsalot’s avatar

    Visually speaking, I find Indian women to be some of the most beautiful in Asia. My problem is that they tend to be rather hirsute which I don’t find appealing.

  8. Avatar of tiger

    10 out of 10