Well, we’re lucky the photos were got while the getting was good.

Kayasama’s Instagram page has gone private. I nicked these photos off of it a couple of months ago and they’ve been languishing in my ‘to do’ folder ever since.

As you can see she’s quite attractive although, to my eyes anyway, her eyes have a hard look to them. Thankfully there are a few smiles in there to help soften the mood. Info wise she’s dark—all I know is that she’s a student at USC.



  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    She is absolutely stunning!!!

  2. Avatar of wingsfan19

    As always, more smiles would be nice, but yeah, stunning is an accurate description.

  3. ding gal’s avatar

    Top shelf!!

  4. V’s avatar

    If she walked past me and we made eye contact, I’d definitely end up walking into something

  5. Avatar of vinhdiesel

    I guess I’m the minority but all the work she has had done to her face makes her look almost inhuman to me in some pictures. Definitely not into that.

  6. Avatar of PerthMike

    I quite agree that Kayasama has a stunning body.
    She has a beautiful smile too
    However I also agree with Diesel that in the photos without her smiling her face looks very artificial.
    Very mixed thoughts on this young lady

  7. Avatar of tiger


    Your being nitpicky.