Nika Madrid

Nika says the part of her body she’s most proud of are her breasts.

Of that there’s a lot to be proud of. Manila-born Nika has been around for a while—since at least 2008, modeling in various magazines including, of course, FHM. But don’t let those breasts fool you—or at least mesmerize you—there’s a brain involved here. In addition to branching out in her endeavors, Nika knew those magnificent mammaries wouldn’t stand to attention forever, so she obtained a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management as she looked to the future. Smart cookie.

Height: 5’5″ (166cm)
Weight: 114lbs (52kg)
Measurements: 34C-26-37″ (86-66-93cm)

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  1. Avatar of rahbka

    sexy, cute girl evolves into beautiful woman

    good post

  2. Avatar of arf

    Philipina and naked…yes and yes!

  3. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    She doesn’t look much like a model to me, but for sure someone you get to know in a bar and end up spending the weekend together at your place, mostly without clothes. Fun!

  4. Avatar of Seems

    Well, she’s fairly attractive and, in the words of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, “she’s got huge…tracts of land!”

  5. Liem huynh’s avatar

    So much plastic work done, she’s almost 2 different people.

  6. Avatar of Luke

    Liem huynh,

    Is there? Or is it just photoshop on the pictures after? I like her either way. The car washing pic is my favourite.

  7. Avatar of JT810

    Her belly button piercing :D