Katerina Storm

Katerina Storm is a glorious mix of Vietnamese and British.

Katerina used her talents to win the title of Miss HIN Dallas and that’s about all I know. Well I can tell you she likes to party judging from her Instagram, she is a Scorpio, and I think she’s had a little work but it’s generally pretty well done.

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  1. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Wow, what a babe!

  2. Avatar of rahbka

    too faux

  3. gunnar’s avatar

    nice bottom but a bit too artificial bimbo for me

  4. Avatar of Seems

    Agree with rahbka and gunnar – nice rear end but she’s had too much work done

  5. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    I think the ‘artificial’ look is more down to makeup than surgery—even her boobs may be natural, just the push-ups bras make them look fake.

  6. Avatar of redlaw

    those pumped up lips are not natural. not unless she kisses bees.

  7. Avatar of Seems

    Dr. Lee,

    Hmmm, I’m a little skeptical. Bikinis don’t push breasts up into perfect globes like that – certainly not bikinis that small! And her lips don’t look natural to me (particularly in the very first pic) – I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s had Botox injections. I’d love to see her when she’s more natural-looking – she’s an innately attractive woman with less makeup, I think she’s just made some unfortunate alterations.

  8. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    The bikini tops are padded—look at the second pic in the one-piece for the unpadded look.

    While Vietnamese women are famous for their luscious lips, I do agree with you and redlaw that they look suspicious (and her eyebrows are obviously completely fake), but I don’t see that she’s had any more work done than just about anyone we feature here these days.

  9. Avatar of Luke

    Yeah the lips are over the top but the rest is just damn sexy. Her body shape is awesome.

  10. Avatar of tiger

    Women are Women. Not Cuts of steak and roasts…… enough already. 8)