Another cute Asian girl who can kick out the jams. A request by mt. j.

Yuki is the guitarist for the band D_Drive, a metal/rock quartet from Osaka that formed in 2009. Yuki is pretty damn good on the guitar as the YouTube videos at the end of the post will demonstrate. Biographical information was hard to come by, so after a couple of pages I gave up. If anyone has more information feel free to put it up.




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    Sexy as ever.

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    As a music snob I must say I’m quite impressed—the band play with greater subtlety and melodicism than is usual for this genre, and the guitar tone is really nice and clean. And yes, she is cute!

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    with just “yuki” you wont get much SEO generated traffic imo, as this is the generic japanese “jane”…

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    Not much we can do about that.

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    I like it! They’ve almost got a 70′s prog-rock sort of sound…wish we had more in english like that still…

    And she’s a cutie who knows how to handle her axe!

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    Yeah, they are a bit prog-ish now that you mention it, which I love too!

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    Dr. Lee,

    Doc, I have to agree. I’m also a bit snobbish when it comes to music. And metal isn’t my favorite genre, but I do like what I consider to be, “good metal”. With that said, this isn’t bad at all. And Yuki is pretty talented.