Nong Fah

Nong, a 22-year-old from Lopburi, likes to do sexy dances on YouTube.

She does a lot of sexy dances. Nong (AKA Tawanrat Fah Chaiamnuay) also reviews a lot of products on her Facebook and Instagram pages, particularly skin whiteners it seems. When I was in Thailand last year I saw too many girls to mention with faces (except for the red lipstick) that looked like the Joker of Batman fame. And this was out in rural Thailand. I asked the wife what was up and she said they were trying to look Korean. Beautiful girls with bronzed skin and ghostly white faces. Sad.

Tawanrat, who has had some work done, tried to get a nose job and some facial modifications done on the cheap at a clinic instead of a hospital, and had some terrible complications. A trip to a reputable hospital to draw out the liquid silicone the clinic’s doctors had injected in her face, eyes, forehead and mouth saved her from permanent disfigurement and the risk of death.

Check out some of her YouTube videos at the end of the post—I think she’s cuter in motion and has a great bod.




  1. Avatar of IeatCows

    She has a killer bod. Couldn’t agree more about the cultural obsession with the skin whitening. Silly in my book but you know what they say: Brings them opportunity, success and status! I remember being in Thailand a few years back and seeing a story on a new product promising their intimate areas ‘fairer within four weeks!’

  2. Avatar of arf

    she is pretty cute and sexy…agree, especially in the videos

  3. Avatar of egg

    Wasn’t that many decades ago that European women were putting arsenic on their faces to whiten them…hopefully these new products are pure poison.

    Hot bodied girl for sure!

  4. Avatar of rahbka

    Pretty with a great body.