Jessica Sinclair

Mr J provided us with a link to a page of fitness enthusiasts he believed were worthy of a look. Jessica is indeed worthy.

Jessica (who I think must be of mixed parentage) was diagnosed with scoliosis as a girl, but never let it stop her from an active life that included marathons, obstacle course races and martial arts. Then about 3 years ago a sneeze, a crack of the back and finding herself on the floor unable to even sit up told her something had to be done. Doctors informed her she would have to change her lifestyle or risk permanent damage and that surgery was probably in her future. Preferring not to go under the knife, Jessica instead bailed on her real estate job, took a 500 hour yoga instructor course and after a couple of months the severity of her scoliosis was lessening. So profound was the change, not just to her back but to her overall inlook and outlook, that she co-founded a yoga center, The Yoga Mandala, to help other people overcome their physical and mental barriers. Jolly good show Jessica!




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    We’re not worthy! Lovely!

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    Sculpted Female Perfection! Kudos. If this is the first one on his list, hope its a long one I will surely stay tuned for

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    Maybe you’re not….

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