There’s just something about Rion.

I’ll give you a couple of guesses as to what it is. There are numerous gravure and AV idols out there named Rion, but what sets this Rion apart is, well, her set, and an impressive set it is. Also known as Rara Anzai, Shiwon Utsunomiya and Siwon Utsunomiya, Rion started her AV career in 2013 and continues her thespian pursuits. You can ogle more of her, courtesy of Prisoner 701, in the forum.

DOB: 1994/1/3
Height: 5’3″ (161cm)
Measurements: 41-23-35″ (105-58-89cm)

Gallery 1
Gallery 2



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  2. Avatar of IeatCows

    too much for me, but I’m sure she will excite those huge mam lovers here!

  3. Avatar of rahbka

    One of the best Japanese gravure models active.
    Fabulous assets.

  4. Avatar of PhilAcio

    One of my faves, but already featured here:

  5. Clive R’s avatar

    I am excited. I am also a mam lover. I believe hers can be certified as The Real Mc Coy.

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    Damn, it’s so hard to keep track with all their different names! Oh well, I guess she deserves a “double feature”. :)

  7. Avatar of wingsfan19

    They’re very large and very nice, but I don’t believe her boobs are 41′s. I do have measuring tape and hand to check, though, if anyone is willing to pay for my trip to Japan. And the divorce from my wife.

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    I’m willing to chip in ;)

  9. pres’s avatar

    Sexy and built.

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    Forget about the rack for moment – that is one pretty gal right there. Even with the rhinoplasty (and nicely done for a change), the lady’s natural beauty is arresting.

    Most Excellent indeed —

  11. Avatar of PhilAcio

    Dr. Lee,

    She was easy to recognize. :)

    Although not your style in the chest department, check out the lovely “Sakura” I posted in the request section. She has other areas I’m certain you’ll admire.

  12. Avatar of arf

    My Gosh, I love her bosoms along with everything else.