Xiao Wen 小雯

Xiao Wen is a Chinese nude model who has modeled for Litu.

Xiao Wen/Siao Wen potato/po-tah-toh, she’s hot and she’s nude. I don’t like basketball but I would be happy to take her on in a bit of one-on-one, especially if that’s the outfit she’s going to turn up in.



  1. Avatar of smellykev

    Dribble. (Basketball joke).

    Oh I would love to spend a dirty weekend with this one.

  2. Lee’s avatar

    All natural
    All yes!

  3. OneEyeJack’s avatar

    Nicely done!

  4. Seoul Music’s avatar

    Oooh! Chinese and nude and natural, such a rare sight!

  5. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    What a beauty! Not familiar with green balls though. Blue yes, green no.

  6. Avatar of arf

    Great little body….cute face and yummy nipples! I likey!

  7. Avatar of arf

    I wish that green ball was my head looking up!!!

  8. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Coming back for a double dip I noticed her eyes are a bit asymetrical. Still damn hot.

  9. Avatar of nettehunter

    Some lovely China models are let down by the photography, C lensmen are a bit clueless when it comes to posing them sexy. Post #1 by the way and thanks to Doc Lee +

  10. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I agree the quality of Chinese nude photography is somewhat amateurish, but this is partly why the girls look so refreshingly natural—not much Photoshop here. Ironically, their non-nude glamour photography has become the complete opposite: saturated in Photoshop and very unnatural, but often quite spectacular.

    Anyway, thanks for the appreciation, but don’t forget to thank Luke too. :)

  11. Dennis Dames’s avatar

    Absolutely complete…