Yvonne Van

Yvonne was named Miss COED March back in 2014.

Yvonne is a 20-year-old French/Chinese model working out of Houston. She’s a model for Hot Import Nights and is bilingual (French of course), which might be useful with New Orleans just a few hours away. With the Chinese genes not readily observed in but in a few photos, Yvonne isn’t what I personally look for in an Asian Siren, but she is undeniably attractive. Make that undeniably hot.

Height: 5’6″
Weight: 104lb
Measurements: 34D-24-34″

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  1. Avatar of Luke

    She is gorgeous, I don’t mind a tenuous Asian link where the girl is a knockout:)

  2. Avatar of maruchiman


  3. doo chan’s avatar

    are the blue eyes natural?

  4. Avatar of arf

    Yes…agree. There is no denying this girls hotness! If you do, you’re in denial.

  5. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    doo chan wrote:
    are the blue eyes natural?

    They don’t look natural to me, but I could be wrong.

  6. Avatar of rm72574

    Very beautiful!

  7. Dennis Dames’s avatar

    Delightfully super…

  8. John Al Pacino’s avatar

    Yes, she is absolutely half asian, but not chinese. She had mom from Dutch-Indonesia blood. Sorry for my language.

  9. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    John Al Pacino,

    Nothing wrong with your language! Can somebody give us a definitive reference on this girl’s ethnicity?

  10. Avatar of JT810

    Her belly button piercing <3