Ayumi Nanase

Ayumi was a pint-sized idol back in the day with plenty of curves.

Ayumi Nanase was a JAV idol born on August 2, 1977. Her blood type is O, and she’s 4’9″ (151cm) tall. Ayumi‘s body measurements are 34-21-33″ (87-55-85cm). All that goodness packed into four foot nine.

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  1. wknight40’s avatar

    Love em “Fun Size”

  2. Masque’s avatar

    4 foot 9…

    You could have your fun then tuck her away in a dresser drawer for the next time….

  3. Avatar of QuantumForce

    Why tuck her away in a dresser drawer when you can tuck her away in your pocket and take her with you? ;)