Emily Lee

Emily Lee aka Emibaby was suggested to us by Konichi-hao, and I think he’s onto a winner. In his words she’s “just a stunning lady, appealing in the innocently beautiful kind of way”.

Sites like Instagram and Twitter have seen a proliferation of hot girls/models sharing their photos, and it can be hard to tell exactly where they are at career wise. Emi seems to have some professional shots but the majority of her pictures are selfies, so I don’t think she is a ‘professional’ model yet.

A stunning lady (with or without make up) with a body to die for, assuming that modelling is the path she chooses it will only be a matter of time before she is a success. It’s a testament to how attractive she is that her selfies are still outstanding pictures. Given that she seems to reside in NYC hopefully she crosses paths with Tony Yang—now there is a potential photo shoot I would love to see!
Thanks Konichi-hao. :)



  1. johnsmith’s avatar

    Does she know of my talent in applying tanning oil. very full and even coverage. I do work cheap.

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    OMG! Classic Viet beauty, with a great, fit body too. Ideally I’d prefer a slimmer lower body, but that’s being very picky—she’s still a knockout.

  3. Quyen’s avatar

    Gorgeous! She is 100% looks. I do not think she is Viet. I’m pretty sure she’s either Chinese or Korean based on her last name “Lee”. And I also saw her parents on her twitter page.

  4. Avatar of arf

    Oh Boy! Now she is HOT! She could swim in my pool any time she wants.

  5. Fozworth’s avatar

    Reason #974 why I’m not rich…she’d have it all….

  6. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    It’s true that the Viet spelling would be Le, but they often change it for their stage name, and she does look Viet to me—still, certainly Korean or sometimes even Chinese can also look this way however.

  7. Avatar of TheyCallMeBruce

    This girl is ridiculously hot. I do feel however that there may be some photoshopping going on in some of the pics; but nonetheless she is one to watch out for!

  8. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Luke is correct about her selfies — some of the best I’ve seen. And she received an “OMG!” from the Doc, which is about as rare as arf not liking a featured Siren.

  9. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    Oh yeah–she’s pretty. I really like pic #7 w/o makeup, it really shows her natural beauty. I wish more of the girls had shots like that.

  10. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    wingsfan19 wrote:
    And she received an “OMG!” from the Doc, which is about as rare as arf not liking a featured Siren.

    Yup :)

  11. Avatar of taipan

    Dr. Lee,

    “Classic Viet”? A big call, Doc! As you know, there are many ethnicities in Vietnam (>50) and so defining a “classic” Vietnamese look is pretty difficult. But that said, the Kinh group represent the largest population base by far (>85%) and so if this group can be considered to have a certain “look” then perhaps that is what you mean by “classic”. As for Ms. Lee, she doesn’t look Vietnamese to me. Then I checked her Twitter feed and I believe I may have found some clues as to her heritage there e.g. called out the Korean race as “the most prideful and racist”, mentions love of Korean street food, that her birthday last year also fell on a Korean holiday, uses Korean cosmetics, and she has a sister named “Bae”. Sure, nothing conclusive, but the odds are… she’s Korean! :-)

  12. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Yep, you definitely could be right—as I say above, she has the kind of look I love in Viet girls, but Koreans can have this look too (as can Chinese sometimes). I guess when I see a girl who really drives me crazy I have a tendency to assume she’s Viet. :)

    Can anyone confirm or deny this? Her name does suggest Chinese or Korean, as Quyen has already pointed out.

  13. Avatar of taipan

    Dr. Lee,

    My prescription for you Doc is simple – spend less time in Sunnybank, and more time in Inala ;-)

  14. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    Dr. Lee wrote:

    I guess when I see a girl who really drives me crazy I have a tendency to assume she’s Viet.

    Ha, Doc, I do the same, and assume they’re all Korean….

    That said, I thought she looked mixed, from NY I’d assume Caucasian/Korean or Chinese. She’s really pretty.


    Good little summary of Vietnamese ethnology. Thanks!

  15. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Interestingly, when I was in Sydney I was overwhelmed by how hot the Viet girls were, but here in Brisie, the Sunnybank girls are much better than the Inala girls, so up here, it seems Taiwanese girls are the hottest.

  16. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Yeah, I tend to associate that mixed look with Viet girls—I think they’re the most naturally Eurasian looking Asian girls.

  17. geminiman7’s avatar

    My GAWD she is physically **perfect**. OMG!!

  18. Avatar of Luke

    Emily is coming to town…if you live in Sydney.

  19. Chuck Lopez’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    Her middle name is “Minju” so I’m pretty sure she’s Korean

  20. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Chuck Lopez,

    Thanks! Yep, the weight of evidence certainly does suggest both Luke and I were wrong about her ethnicity, and that she is indeed Korean. I’ve updated the post.