Phi Tran

Phi Tran is brought to you today by jleetechie, thanks JL. :)

The way to win her heart is to make her laugh, unless you’ve done it by dropping your pants. Phi does some modelling, promo events and acting and secretly would like to be a rapper. She seems like a really good fun girl and is damn sexy.

MissPhiTran fills her social media with lots of lovely pics so be sure to check her out!

Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Hometown: Columbus, OH (Resides in Los Angeles, CA)
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Occupation: Model/Actress/Host
Measurements: 32-25-36
Height: 5’7, 5″11 on weekends(Smiles)
Weight: 118

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  1. Avatar of Tbone

    wow what’s not to like all NATURAL body and, gasp, no tattoos. very cute

  2. Avatar of IeatCows

    Nice Siren. Lots of different looks and curves in all the right places!

  3. Avatar of Romanticwarrior


    I was thinking the same thing. With each succeeding pic I was dreading hideous ink appearing but NO! NONE! HUZZA! Tenth of a point deduction for the contacts but what a beauty! And that butt is glorious!

  4. Avatar of French

    6th Picture from the bottom….she is in some sort of office building hallway, wearing a green top and what you think is a pair of blue jeans.

    But au contraire, mon cheri- those are not blue jeans but nylon fabric stretch pants printed to look like blue jeans. They are sold on late night TV commercials for obese American women to “look tens of pounds slimmer”.

    I am thinking they missed their target audience. This woman is HOT!