Throwback Thursday – Momo Yashima on The Odd Couple

Going back to 1973, here’s then-25ish character actress Momo Yashima playing an applicant for a housekeeping job in the home of Felix and Oscar on the classic US sitcom, The Odd Couple. Even though lines like “how do you make those radios so small?” and “I’ll take the cute Oriental from column A ..” may not go over well in today’s more culturally-sensitive world, this scene, enhanced with Miss Hanogi’s laugh, is a gem.

As with many Asian-American actresses of the 1970s; Miss Yashima, who’s still alive and well at 66, was restricted to character roles and appeared on M*A*S*H a time or two. See her credits at her IMDb page.

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  1. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I watched The Odd Couple all the time, I wish that I could say I remembered this episode but no!!!

    Momo was (and still is for 66) very cute.