Zhang Mei Ying 张美荧

Zhang Mei Ying: “So you’re saying that the trend is to wear your pants half way down?!?”
Me: “Yes Zhang Mei, all the cool kids are doing it!”

Zhang Mei Ying 张美荧, aka Mei Bao 美宝 is a girl from the wonderful world of Xiuren. She has lots of photos where she doesn’t quite get nude enough but looks lovely doing it. You can check out her Weibo too.

Name: Zhang Mei Ying 张美荧
From: Shanghai, China
Born: June 22, 1994
Height: 165cm
Weight: 45kg
Measurements: 85/60/90cm



  1. TonyGman’s avatar

    Nice tight little body ,and no tattoos

  2. Avatar of Tbone

    Fake boobies though.

  3. Avatar of daznlover

    Love the body, so slim and tall.
    It seems she likes jewels and gems.
    With this girl you gotta get the diamond ring, guys! ;)

  4. Avatar of arf

    Oh My Gosh Dangit!…..she’s the hottness. Such a little morsel of goodness. Just wish she had some tatts and slightly larger fake boobs.

  5. Avatar of Romanticwarrior


    I thought you were going for a Haiku there for a moment.

    I keep going back and forth on this girl but I think I like her.

    Going off this topic for a moment, Ari, of the Korean dance group Waveya, has a new vid on youtube that’s “age restricted”. That’s probably a ruse to lure watches but it’s still pretty hot.

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19

    On the very EDGE of implied and actual nudity. I’m venturing that it won’t be long until she shows everything. Looking forward to it!

  7. Avatar of Luke


    I suspect they’re out there but I couldn’t find them. Maybe Meh1001 will come through.

  8. Avatar of French

    Way too artificial looking for me….

  9. Fozworth’s avatar

    What French said…

  10. Avatar of ringking

    these chinese girls are so fake looking with their adjust chins and “wide” eyes, makes me sick. when you compare this chick to the next from china, there is rarely a distinction. bad trend.

  11. gunnar’s avatar

    plastic doll. fine for one night. or two. or three. but boring after a week.

  12. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    These Chinese models with those little, wicked hot bodies…. Love it. Hot. The plastic surgery is of course distracting, but it is with all of them. Hopefully the look achieved will lose popularity and a more natural look (face) will come back “in style.”

    I really do like the trend for pumped up, enhanced boobies some of the Chinese models are getting. Take it easy on the chin/nose/eyes, but keep the boobies coming. ;-)