Little Mina

Wongwahwee found Little Mina at Deviant Art, and was good enough to suggest we bring her to you guys.

Mina is a girl from Atlanta, Georgia, US and is indeed little, standing at a mere 147cm. She’s fun and adventurous and doesn’t mind trying costumes and getting nekkid, and her pics have a nice slightly amateurish quality. I look forward to seeing more of her work. Thanks Wongwahwee!

Height: 147cm
Weight: 39kg
Bust: 81cm
Waist: 71cm
Cup: A
Dress: 0
Shoe:4. 0



  1. Avatar of arf

    Pretty WoW!!! I live two hours away to the south also. Wink Wink

  2. Avatar of BlueNile

    I didn’t see anything about it at the deviant art link, but she’s also quite active on My Free Cams. Her profile is here:

  3. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Can anybody give us an ethnicity on this one?

  4. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    I think she’d make a good friend with “benefits.”

  5. Avatar of Tbone

    Nice smooth pussy.

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19

    The very definition of a spinner. Every listing I could find for her ethnicity was “Asian.”

  7. Little Mina’s avatar

    Yup I am just Asian :)


  8. Avatar of Luke

    I might guess Hmong if pressed but only found Asian

  9. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Yeah, Hmong occurred to me too.

    Little Mina,

    Welcome to Asian Sirens! But please put us out of our misery. :)

  10. Little Mina’s avatar

    Well I am def not Hmong (granted I had no clue so I had to look it up). Born and raised in the USA :)


  11. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Little Mina,

    Feel free to set up a featured profile to promote yourself here. You can even fill in your ethnic background if you want. :)

  12. FounginMiami’s avatar

    She’s Chinese. I’d guess of Cantonese descent. Like all decent-looking Northeast Asians, she will never do a scene with a Black guy I’d wager; Asian women love white and latin men.

  13. Little Mina’s avatar


    Lol you really are clueless about me. Don’t put me in the same circle as other asians and I wont do the same with you. Now as for the no Black guys videos. I have shot with several Black males. Check out my store you will see gangbangs, handjobs etc.


  14. Avatar of French


    Perhaps you could find another website to peddle your racist rants.

  15. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    I was going to delete FounginMiami’s comment, but I was hoping it might prompt Mina to end the ethnicity speculation. I guess not. :(

  16. FounginMiami’s avatar

    Asian women rarely if ever hook up with Blacks. Just take a walk outside and you’ll see that Asian women love White and Latino men, then they might go back and marry an Asian guy, but nobody but uggmoes likes Black men.

  17. Avatar of French


    Please get off our website and back into your circle of ignorant, troll-baiting clowns.

    Goodbye! :)

  18. Fozworth’s avatar

    Just Wow! This lady would get me in trouble in no time!

  19. Little Mina’s avatar


    Not all Asians go for only whites and Latins. I know plenty of girls who have black boyfriends. But who cares what your race is. First come first served lol. I keep my options open. For doing scenes with black guys, the ones I’ve met, have performance issues or they can’t cum or there are other issues. Now its not just black guys its white guys too. And girls as well. I’ve done videos with some black guys so its not like I’m racist. The only ones I haven’t shot with are Asians and Latinos. But I haven’t heard any of them complaining. If I have offended you I apologize. What I’m saying is I’ve never casted out any race. I am just picking by the performers in my videos. I get a few disappointments but hey you gotta keep your head held high. If a girl sucks in bed. Maybe give her another shot right? Lol or maybe just train her lol.

    Regardless what we are all complaining about let’s drop it and carry on :) we don’t want to grow wrinkles because of something like this.


  20. Balgor’s avatar

    Almost certainly Chinese.

  21. Bill Knight’s avatar

    Look great Little Mina, keep up the great work.

    Personally I have known plenty of Asian women that like black guys. Like any culture there are stereo types that are usually wrong.

  22. Avatar of arf

    My wife is philipina and she has many many friends married to black guys. I spent 7 years in Okinawa as well and saw many many Okinawan girls with just about every ethnicity available in today’s Armed Services. The black guys had no problems over there that’s for dang sure.

  23. Avatar of Tbone

    Delete the garbage rants above por favor.

    I don’t see why there’s a need to keep pushing her for her background, if she doesn’t want to reveal it.

  24. gunnar’s avatar

    LOL Doc leave her alone if she doesn’t want to state her “ethnicity”. She just identifies as American. Deal with it ;)

  25. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    I guess I just hate not being to fill in the ethnicity tag. :)

    FounginMiami (who has posted under several aliases saying much the same thing) is now gone.

  26. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Little Mina wrote:

    Regardless what we are all complaining about let’s drop it and carry on” alt=”:)” class=”wp-smiley”>we don’t want to grow wrinkles because of something like this.


    That’s the spirit!

  27. Avatar of wingsfan19

    FounginMiami wrote:
    She’s Chinese. I’d guess of Cantonese descent. Like all decent-looking Northeast Asians, she will never do a scene with a Black guy I’d wager; Asian women love white and latin men.

    That will come as a huge surprise to my 2 filipina sisters-in-law and no doubt to their African-American husbands. BTW, are the the same dude who kept posting this kind of junk under a different screen name? STRIPES, I think it was?

  28. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    Dr. Lee,

    I agree. I enjoy trying to figure out ethnicity–it is just one aspect of appreciating Asian beauty.

    That said, I suspect she is Vietnamese, but more likely a mix.

    Mina, you have some nice, naughty videos–good work…

  29. Mina Li’s avatar

    Well if you really want to know where my family came from, this year my book is coming out and inside will tell you exactly what my true ethnicity is. Until then American is what I am :P


  30. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Mina Li,

    It appears you’ve just given the game away: your name isn’t Mina Le (Vietnamese) or Ly (also Vietnamese) or Lee (Korean and Chinese), but Mina Li—so I guess you are Chinese after all! :)

  31. Mina Li’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    Lol Lee can be chinese as well and Li is actually chinese, and or Korean

  32. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Mina Li,

    I did say Lee can be Chinese, and can also be a western name as in my case. :) You’ve denied being Chinese and are saying Li can be Korean (I didn’t know this), so that logically suggests you are actually… Korean?

  33. Mina Li’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    Haha would it be funny if I was adopted? Look I guess I’m all of the above, chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Laos, Viet, or just an alien lol

  34. lucas’s avatar

    I’ve been watching her on MFC for years … I always wanted to win one of her happy ending meeting up contests… drool. So hot.

  35. Avatar of wongwahwee

    I first saw her in a couple of videos where she was cam whoring at work, sneaking her cam and dildo collection under the desk. Very naughty! My favorite line was “should I clean all my hardened cum off this office chair? No, I think I will leave it for the next person”