Throwback Thursday – Tia Carrere on Married… with Children

In this 1990 episode of Married… with Children we have a then-23 year-old Tia Carrere as ruthlessly ambitious model Piper Bauman. In this scene, Piper uses her assets to get the brother of her rival Kelly Bundy (Christina Applegate), to tip her off about the “Bundy Bounce,” which she steals to get a lucrative modeling gig.

Tia (first featured at the old site here and then again in a follow-up that includes the photos from her January 2003 Playboy magazine spread) is also a Grammy award-winning singer, and has been continually active in show biz since the mid-80s. Many consider her role as Cassandra Wong in 1992′s Wayne’s World and its sequel the following year, her best-known. Her official website hasn’t be updated in several months but she’s still active on Twitter.

For those interested; the lady evaluating Tia’s bounce in none other than Tina Louise (you know; Ginger Grant from Gilligan’s Island) and Debbie Dunning (Heidi the “Tool Girl” from Tool Time) is also featured in this episode.

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  1. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Tia’s looking MILFy these days. Moving off subject a bit, has anyone seen the mug shot of Asia Carrera ? After seeing it and Maria Yumeno’s more recent pic I wish I had command of space-time continuum.

  2. Avatar of wingsfan19


    You are right on all three counts.

  3. Avatar of Basho

    poor Asia. Let’s hope life treats her better from here on in.

  4. kevlar’s avatar

    Dang, miss that show. used to watch it when i was a kid, didn’t have cable tv, so just had to watch whatever was on fox lol. I think jennifer tilly was also on that show one time.