Mao Kaede 楓まお

Mao Kaede is a lovely Japanese girl who has some amateurish content out there, but attacks it with an infectious enthusiasm.

From the tousled hair obscuring her face to the imprint of the chair on her arse, one thing is for certain: her pics haven’t been through a heavy Photoshopping process. While she may not be the prettiest Japanese girl flaunting her assets, Mao gives me the feeling she is in it for more than the cash—she really appears to enjoy what she’s doing and it’s infectious. I really enjoy looking at the results anyway. :)

Full Name: Mao Kaede 楓まお
Nickname: ai tokito
Country: Japan
City: Tokyo
Birth Date: 10th April 1988
Blood Type: B
Height (cm): 159
Measurements (cm): B:82 W:56 H:81



  1. Avatar of The-Dean

    Cute as hell. Nice smile. I totally approve of the non-Photoshopped pics. Hell if this girl was Photoshopped the way most are, she might break the Internet.

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    It’s wonderful to see a real, cute naked girl having fun in front of the camera, instead of the Photoshopped plastic dolls we always get now. She has a great little body and nice skin which doesn’t need all that crap—I think the usual post processing would ruin her charm actually.

  3. Avatar of arf

    Nice legs and she’s pretty cute. Win Win.

  4. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Sweet little bod. Excellent gf material. The photos look as if her bf took them just for fun.

  5. gunnar’s avatar

    nice and cute! would love to meet her!

  6. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    This girl is awesome! She’s got a really fantastic build, really beautiful body, balanced, athletic (e.g., shoulders, upper arms, trim waist, etc.). The raw shots are perfect. I wonder if she’s some sort of fitness instructor (e.g., yoga, etc.) showing off the goods to see what comes of it, for kicks?

  7. klesk’s avatar

    beautiful! unfortunately has not shaved !!!

  8. Rain’s avatar

    Very cute beautiful girl and nice body. And she unshaved! Yes! Fortunately she has a bush too and a not a bad looking one at that!

  9. Rain’s avatar

    Sexy soles and toes too. Nice feet.