Throwback Thursday – Lucy Liu’s Lesbian Kiss Scene from Ally McBeal

Many pundits say that US television’s first interracial kiss was between Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura (William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols) in a 1968 episode of Star Trek. Actually, that isn’t true because Lucy and Ricky Ricardo (Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez) kissed many times on screen in I Love Lucy over a decade earlier, but I digress. Above is US television’s first interracial lesbian kiss, between Ling Woo and Ally McBeal (Lucy Liu and Calista Flockhart), in an episode of Ally McBeal entitled “Buried Pleasures,” which aired in November of 1999. It didn’t suck.

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  1. Avatar of French

    It is a well-known fact- as well as law in most countries, that Lucy Liu is a hot babe!

    Brains, beauty, personality, and a great sense of humour.

    I dig the whole interracial/lesbian thing going on here. And you are correct, CEC….it most certainly did NOT suck.

  2. john smith’s avatar

    Ahh Lucy Liu, ditto Frenchy plus she loves to shake up the “moral standards” of the day. Mixed race relationships and lesbian love are two of the community standards she has challenged in her movies. She should be designated as The Asian Siren.

  3. Avatar of Basho

    Lucy Liu is truly a marvel but one thing that we should keep in mind is how most asian guys aren’t really feeling Miss Liu. “What is up with that?” one might ask

  4. Avatar of French

    @Basho: Agreed….Asian guys don’t get it, lol. Always ends in a fight, jail time, law suits, and hurt feelings. They scream at me and tell me I am blind.

    No sir, THEY are the blind ones. Lucy is HOT!

  5. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Basho wrote:
    Lucy Liu is truly a marvel but one thing that we should keep in mind is how most asian guys aren’t really feeling Miss Liu. “What is up with that?” one might ask

    Maybe it’s the freckles! I know she’s controversial here on AS, but I love her looks.

  6. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    The reality is, Lucy isn’t very pretty by Asian standards, especially in terms of what Asians themselves look for (yes, freckles are a big no no). But she’s sexy as hell!

  7. Avatar of Luke

    Good looking and sexy don’t always go hand in hand, although I find her attractive as well as damn sexy. I had to sit through hours of that show due to a girlfriend at the time, Lucy was a highlight.

  8. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    I think it’s a shame they called the show “Alley McBeal”, instead of, for example, “Cage and Fish” (the name of the law firm). She got annoying real fast, but the peripheral characters in the show (Lucy, “The Biscuit”, the boss of the firm etc.) could be very entertaining. If the focus was more on them than her, it would have had more legs I think.

  9. Avatar of daznlover

    Lucy Liu was one of the first asians to get my head spinning…
    And that McBeal show was really refreshing and an eye opener, in the way it addressed issues about sexuality and relationships, on prime time. Classic.

    Great, the kiss! Why is it that most guys love to watch 2 women kissing? I guess I’m not the only one here ;-)

  10. chosun’s avatar

    Count me in as an asian dude (ABC) who never understood the appeal of Lucy Liu. Then again, I was raised on HK films and HK dramas where a bevy of babes could be found.

  11. CEC’s avatar

    Her broad appeal to non-Asian men in the US is partly due to her being one of the top, of the very few, Asian A-list actresses in the US.