Tian Leixi 田蕾希

As it turns out, Tian Leixi has been featured here before, which is no surprise as she is outstanding. But under the premise of adding some info I think she deserves a repost…

Tian was a Moko girl who modeled under the name Xi Xi (check Travis’ post here). It seems that she has moved on from modelling and unfortunately cleared out a lot of her Moko galleries. She has turned her hand to acting and has a couple of film credits, although either she has been quiet lately or this list is not up to date. What is unquestionable is that she is hot as hell, so without further ado here are the pictures…

Name : Tian Leixi
Chinese : 田蕾希
Also known as : Xi Xi, Princess XX
Place of birth: Tianjin
Profession : Actress , Model
Birthdate : September 03

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  1. gunnar’s avatar

    ok, now, this i like! phone number please :p

  2. Avatar of French

    Tian is about to cure me of my Viet addiction. She is stunning. Must learn more about her.

  3. Avatar of TivoMan

    Very nice and super sexy. Cameras seem to love her too. Not one bad shot, even in the linked sites.

  4. Avatar of arf

    She’s a princess. So hot she could knock your socks off.

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  6. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    With the usual caveats over the massively touched-up Moko-style photography, I have to agree with everybody else on this one.

  7. Avatar of rex

    Wow,hot gal love the pics thanks

  8. john smith’s avatar

    nearly perfect :)

  9. Avatar of Bourbaki

    Wow! Thats the kind of iCloud account they should have posted on 4Chan

  10. Avatar of Elric

    Happy Birthday, Tian.