Nathalie Hayashi

Nathalie, oh Natalie. It’s probably about time you decided which way to spell your name!

Nathalie Hayashi, as her name suggests is half-Japanese, I think it’s the top half. Her father is from Okinawa she speaks Filipino, Japanese and English. Naturally she likes Hentai, wait what?!

Peruse the goodness that is Nat[h]alie here, here here, here and here and her Tumblr here.

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  1. gunnar’s avatar

    nice pair, even if a bit too round. don’t like the face much.

  2. Steve’s avatar

    Unbelievably beautiful. Fully figured yet perfect proportions. A face to die for.

  3. Avatar of need to delete account

    “Nathalie Hayashi, as her name suggests is half-Japanese[.]”


    What/how does her name imply that she is half-Japanese?


    smh … it’s so sad to think that there are people that believe such narrow-minded things. :-(

  4. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Isn’t Hayashi a Japanese name? And Nathalie obviously isn’t. Plus meh has tongue planted firmly in check of course, as he almost always does.

  5. Avatar of TheyCallMeBruce

    A full figured beauty. I like that we finally get back to nudity on this site :-)

  6. John Smith’s avatar

    Now thats what I’m talkin about. Reminds me of a girl I meet in a trailer park in Wyoming.

  7. Avatar of French

    I dislike foot tattoos. :(

    But I like the descriptions of “half-Japanese”. Reminds me of Lucy Liu in the movie Kill Bill.

  8. Avatar of meh1001


    Hayashi is a common Japanese surname. She talks about being half-Japanese in the FHM interview.

    No comments on the love of Hentai? No, no takers? She really did say that in one of her interviews.

  9. Jake’s avatar


    This guy is awesome, he found a way to get pissed off about a correct assumption….

  10. CEC’s avatar


    Really. Also, what would have been a perfectly reasonable assumption.

  11. ProfAbe’s avatar

    Beautiful girl. Love her curves. Some of the photos were amateur looking. She needs better help.

  12. Avatar of Luke


    No comments on the love of Hentai? No, no takers?

    And no ‘she doesn’t look particularly Asian’. It was the Hentai love that convinced me she was Japanese ;-)

  13. Avatar of need to delete account

    Some of you guys are seriously in need of some exposure to REAL Asians.

    Nobody is denying that she may or may not be half-Japanese. Read carefully.

    Nothing about “Nathalie Hayashi” —>SUGGESTS<— that she is hapa. Seriously. smh

    For example, I know Koreans, 100% Korean, with fully non-"Korean" names. Sometimes they marry into it or they are adopted or any of a thousand reasons why.

    By the way, what is that? A non-Korean or non-Japanese name?

    @Dr. Lee – "Hayashi" is whatever the person that has the name, says that it is. I know Koreans that have so-called "Japanese" names. And I know Japanese that have so-called Korean names.

    I am Korean. My ex-wife was Japanese. When I was in Japan, I knew a woman that did NOT speak English but had a so-called "English" name because her Japanese parents really liked Cher! Go figure! Does her name Cher Tanaka mean that she is hapa? No, it does and did not. She was/is 100% Japanese.

    Another one for you – I know a half Norwegian and half Dutch girl with the first name Yoko. Does this suggest that she is half Japanese?

    What? Do we live in the 18th century?

    @Jake – maturity and logical reasoning and clearly not your strong points. Nobody is "pissed." Insulted, perhaps. Insulted by racism that suggests that merely a name is capable of suggesting a nation and/or ethnic origin. Sorry to be so blunt. Namaste.

  14. Avatar of need to delete account


    * logical reasoning ARE clearly

    update –

    I mean, seriously, who gets to decide what another person’s name may or may not suggest? If thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Japanese TODAY, in Japan, have names that you consider to NOT be Japanese, what makes you think that YOU have the power/freedom to make such a declaration and/or assumption? Is it because of you? or your country of origin or your ethnic background? Where does this power come from, eh?

    It’s not that she is not hapa – she is hapa. It’s just that her name – Nathalie – does not, cannot, suggest that she is hapa. Not in the 21st century.

    Seriously … you guys REALLY don’t see it, do you? smh

  15. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Your comments are, quite frankly, ridiculous. Hayashi is a Japanese name. Therefore, it does indeed suggest she is at least part Japanese—nobody said it proves it! Plus she actually claims to be Japanese anyway—she may be lying of course, but that doesn’t change the fact that she uses a Japanese name.

    I won’t be tolerating any more comments from you of this nature—your comments toward Jake amount to a personal attack, and your comments in general are flame bait. I’m finding it very difficult not to call you a moron myself.

  16. Avatar of EnigmaticJack

    Ok I’ll say it……gravityron doesn’t look Korean ;) ~

  17. Avatar of daznlover

    With photographers called Cruz, laberinto, baltasar, that suggests that she is being shot by filipino photographers. But I understand this reasoning may be questioned. :)

    I’m willing to believe that she is half-filipina, judging from her curves and her being called a pinay and even being featured on Philippines FHM. But hey, I could be wrong!

    Whatever, she is hot, I love her curves and her breasts. And those hips… babymaking is in her genes :)

  18. Avatar of KalifoJin

    She is beautiful. I believe she’s part Filipina, part Japanese. And I’m not angry about it. That’s why I look at beautiful women – to not be angry. She might be part Dutch, but I’m not going to angry about it.

  19. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Yeah, looking at Nathalie is making me pretty peaceful as well.