Miki Berenyi

Stuffed tomato suggested we look at the original Asian rock star Miki Berenyi, so here she is… :D

Miki was a founding member of the british alternative rock band Lush. Formed in 1988 with Emma Anderson, drummer Chris Acland and bassist Steve Rippon they were a headlining act by 1990. They released four studio albums but the third, Split (1994), proved a laborious task. Their next studio album Lovelife (1996) was a much better experience and was duly received more positively by the music press, released in March of that year. By October bass player Chris Acland unexpectedly committed suicide, leading the band to take an extended hiatus before eventually announcing their split in 1998.

Miki is of mixed Japanese and Hungarian parentage has gone on to become a magazine editor and raise a family.

Birth name: Miki Berenyi
Born: 18 March 1967 London, England, United Kingdom
Genres: Alternative rock, shoegazing
Instruments: Vocals, guitar
Years active: 1988–1998
Associated acts: Lush


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  1. natis’s avatar

    Used to have a huge crush on Miki until standing in the very front at a show at Irving Plaza and seeing track marks on her arm. But still listen to Lush on a regular basis.

  2. John Smith’s avatar

    ok… Buzz kill
    Still even junkie asian rocker chicks are hot

  3. Nik2’s avatar

    Likewise I had enormous crush on her in the day. Half-Japanese rocker with killer Brit accent.

  4. MaJieMao’s avatar

    Bit before my time, she seemed pretty ordinary looks wise, I will say however I didn’t hate the music.

  5. stuffed tomato’s avatar

    Didn’t know she was into smack. Sad, but she cleaned up I guess at some point. The Ladykillers song is quite funny though, if you listen to it as 2 of the 3 guys mentioned in the song are Anthony Keidis and thecguy from Weezer who wrote El Scorcho (which opens with the line “God damn you half-Japanese girls/ Do it to me every time”).

    Yeah, in the mid-90s alt-rock world she was hot. Accent and attitude; it was pretty unbeatable.

  6. Avatar of KalifoJin

    Sometimes I wonder if good looks, brains and talent all in one package has a place in this world. As someone born in 1967 and half Hungarian myself, I don’t blame her a minute for “track marks”, if there were any. I’m sure we all know that what’s begun must end, don’t we?

  7. Avatar of KalifoJin

    and while I’m busy talking about myself, I’ll say that after listening to five of their videos, I remember that this was music I was supposed to be into but I was too busy pursuing other addictions to cover up my rage and hurt to open myself up to a new scene that came with this music. End of soliloquy.