Luvian 本能

I am sure Candyman’s sensational post on Mandy is still firmly etched into everyone’s memory. Well following a link recommended by Teacher-in-China, I have another Chinese girl for your perusal…

You will have to excuse the translation (I stand to be corrected if I’ve butchered something). Today I bring Luvian to you, a beautiful girl from Shenzhen who teases and may very well have nude shots that I have not been able to find. She does however get pretty close, and has plenty of galleries of lovely photos. :)

Nickname: Luvian Instinct 本能
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Birthday: July 11, 1992

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  1. John Smith’s avatar

    holy handcuffs Batman
    This is a true Asian Siren

  2. MaJieMao’s avatar

    An absolutely prefect girl ruined by a few tats for no reason such a shame. I would however pay for this girl to have them removed.

  3. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I have to say that your obsession with tats seems a little excessive—once again I hardly even noticed the tats on this girl (unlike the last one, for example). Indeed, it’s hard to be distracted by anything else with this one—she is truly exceptional.

  4. Avatar of The-Dean

    Very nice. She pulls off many different looks pretty easily, it seems.

    And I’m with you re:tats, Doc. While I’m not a real big tat fan (I can’t ever remember thinking someone looked better because of tats) I just can’t understand getting all worked up over a tat or two. But now that it has been brought to my attention, that butterfly seems like a rather unfortunate decision. But it isn’t a deal breaker by any stretch of the imagination.

  5. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    This true AS is the beauty I was drawn to in the Amped Asian post. Yes, the ink is very regrettable but she’s just so gorgeous her luminous smile alone almost obliterates them from my consciousness.Those bubble bath pics…yum! An outstanding offering. Thank you Luke.

  6. Avatar of arf

    She is pretty nice to look at.

  7. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    Certainly better than the last two, but I’m taking the count to a strike out. She is OK, but just not my vision of a Siren.

  8. Avatar of Luke


    Struck out. Damn! :(

  9. Bill’s avatar

    You people complaining about a few tats like hers being a deal breaker must be so perfect that men and women a like are getting in line to be with you.

    I’m not a fan of tats myself but the few she has would not bother me in the least. Tats all over like the last girl I’m not a big fan of, not saying that would be a problem. Depends on the girls attitude/presence. If the tats fit here demeanor I have no problems.

    And honestly the only real problem I had with last one I think was the two piercings in her lower lip which as someone mentioned can be removed.

    This one is a great looking AS.

  10. Avatar of Teacher-in-China

    Hey, thanks for the shout-out! Glad you enjoyed her, and that most of you here seem to as well. I think she is damn hot, and totally wouldn’t be surprised if nude pics showed up somewhere as well. A true siren.

  11. Avatar of French

    @Bill: Not a question of if we are “perfect”, just what some prefer and some don’t- and as you said, if it “fits her demeanor”.

    I find her use of eye make-up to be original and sexy as heck! Very unique. Very good symmetry in her face, nice jaw, nice body.

    But the thing that floors me is her shoulders! She has beautiful, soft, feminine shoulders. Reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor’s shoulders that Hollywood always highlighted in the movies.

    In a few pictures she reminds me of that newer actress Kristen Stewart.

  12. Tripp’s avatar

    OMG ! She is smoking Hott! What tats?!?!

  13. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen


    I am very comfortable in my assessment of her. After all, it is MY opinion and in no way is that affected by yours! That is how it should be!

    If you are offended or disagree with my thoughts, put or your big boy pants and learn that all need not agree with you!

  14. Bill’s avatar

    Not saying everybody has to agree. Just seems like for just a couple small tat that just seems like the whole package is ruined.

    A few post’s back with the sleeve I would not disagree about a statement like that. But this girls has what, 3 small tats that can be easily covered? Granted, I’ll admit the butterfly in the middle of her chest can be a little tacky. And in a couple pics looks like she has added on to that.

    I agree not all the girls shown here fit’s everyone’s taste. I guess my standards of a good looking woman with or without tats is not as high as other.

  15. MaJieMao’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    Yeah I don’t accept tats in any form, why would you take a beautiful work of art and stamp a UPC label on it!? You don’t plain and simple.

  16. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen


    I think the point here is, this IS “Asian Sirens”. It isn’t “Really Nice Looking But Not The Best Asian Women”. That said, we still all have our individual vision of a Siren. Mine doesn’t have a mar on her perfect (to me) body. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. Friends?

  17. Vliet Arsenal’s avatar

    I think very nice. I think Chinese women are in general more attractive than Japanese. They are also more attracted to American men than Japanese. Although; Chinese women can be a little Wacky. I am married to one. LOL. N.C. !

  18. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Beautiful, curvy and Asian. What’s not to like? Okay, as mentioned previously, the position of the butterfly tattoo is unfortunate.

  19. Avatar of daznlover

    Tats? What tats?
    She’s remarkable!

    I bet we are gonna see more from her in the future. In fact, I HOPE too!

    This set looks great, anybody knows why I can’t access all the pics?

  20. Avatar of Bubalabobo


    Same here–they are teasing us. She’s hot and likes the thongs, so I like her.

  21. Avatar of HapaHaole

    Lawd have mercy!

  22. Avatar of Luke


    I don’t know why, I think it might be some sort of pay site with the 3-4 samples and the thumbs below. I got my Chinese home stay student to help me try to log in and still had no joy. I live in hope that beyond the pay wall lies a trove of proper nude shots.

  23. Avatar of daznlover

    Buba and Luke, thanks guys. Seems we are outside the enchanted garden, and it’s not only me and my poor chinese skills.

  24. Avatar of rht22696

    boys i just keep coming back to this page she is sweetass…

    thanks like to find more on this AS