Su Zizi/蘇紫紫

Su Zizi (蘇紫紫) is an artiste. She is serious. She is fearsome. She will do anything in the name of art. And Art means nudity. Lots and lots of nudity. And getting your friends nude too. And displaying your nude shots at your university as your final year art project. And just being amazingly hot and cute. And art means starting too many sentences with the word ‘and’.

Su Zizi (蘇紫紫) (real name: Wang Yanyan 王嫣芸), which google lovingly translates to the charming ‘Su purple purple’ really is an artist, graduate from the Renmin university in Beijing (Department of Fine Arts).

For once I have a few links and details for you. Here’s the full set of nudes.

Birthdate: June 29, 1991
Hometown: Yichang, Hubei
Height: 165cm
Measurements: 84-58-86
Weight: 47kg
Hubei first plane model contest Top 20
Miss Tourism International 2009 – 2010

As to getting her friends nude, she got Gan Lulu naked, who has already been marvellously profiled at AS. See also the last image.

How badass can you get eh? Standing in front of naked photos of yourself. Damn!



  1. john smith’s avatar

    I think she is a very beautiful girl, although she is all about the “art” her being beautiful helps. I am a little worried about artist who express their feelings too much in her country. Past examples such as a hundred flowers and Tiananmen might give pause to self expression.

  2. gunnar’s avatar

    honestly, i don’t think she is pretty at all… to me, she is very average at best. but i like the art, the pictures in the aquarium ;) the other girl is better but was already featured before, and a look at the lower part of her body shows she might not age very well.

  3. Avatar of ......

    I agree with gunnar. I don’t really find her very attractive either.

  4. Avatar of EMT-Basic-1

    in field fly wih runner on first

  5. Avatar of smellykev

    If i had a body like that, I’d be nude everywhere too. (I’d also be slightly confused and wouldn’t be able to stop playing with myself).

  6. Avatar of arf

    She looks pretty fine to me…the way her hair looked in the water in the first photo kinda threw me off at first, but after that I liked it.

  7. Avatar of wylde8

    She looks cute in most of the pics, but I don’t like the ones where she has short hair. I realize those shots are more about the artistry, but just saying.

  8. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Black and white water tank photos are neat. cute.

  9. Avatar of smellykev

    You don’t like wet hair Arf???

    The tank shots are certainly different, and cute, albeit a bit creepy…..

  10. MaJieMao’s avatar

    She isn’t drop dead gorgeous or anything but this the first pictures I would really call art.

  11. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    A pop bunt out.

  12. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    Meh1001, your intro is a prize winner! Funny. I think this girl is prettiest in last pic; Gan Lulu is packin some scary stuff in that can, though. I remember the older post of Gan, I thought she was naughty; now she looks sullen and losing her shape, hence, her entire business model.