Kai Liu

Kai Liu is a very natural beauty that I wouldn’t necessarily say is your typical model, but has a face that really draws you in. She isn’t a famous model, but as you know sometimes being featured here can change that, so let’s see if we can rally around her and help make her a household name among internet weirdos.

Age: 23
Height: 5’6
Located: California
Ethnicity: Presumably Ethnic Chinese


Some Photos
Some Other Photos



  1. Avatar of Luke

    Wow, what a beautiful lady. You’ve chosen some great pics Travis :)
    She is going for Miss California…

  2. john smith’s avatar

    She is very beautiful. I really like her angelic smile. :)

  3. Avatar of noddle

    Beautiful. Thanks for the post. :)

  4. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    She is indeed quite sultry and pretty—nice discovery Travis!

  5. Avatar of taipan

    I agree, she’s not your typical model. The link to the photo set titled “the Chronicles of Beauty” is quite telling I think, including a shot of Kai Liu without make-up. I imagine I’d walk past someone looking like that without a second glance. But the black and white shot of her in the same set is fantastic, such a beauty! I’m glad she’s not naked and I don’t want to see her naked. While I don’t care for all of her images, the ones I do like, I like a lot. After the anatomical study provided by Lolita Cheng (in the previous post), Miss Liu is indeed a welcome sight.

  6. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    I’ll take two, please!

  7. MaJieMao’s avatar

    Very interesting I wouldn’t notice her at all without the makeup, shows you what makeup can do. But I prefer natural beauties over cosmetic ones.

  8. Qwen’s avatar

    Gorgeous gal!

  9. RAWR’s avatar

    Wow, I never thought I’d ever see someone from my childhood on here o.o

  10. Avatar of smellykev

    This internet weirdo is smitten.

  11. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    To be fair, I think we’d walk past most models without makeup, unless their body or outfit is spectacular. There aren’t many who dare to be photographed without makeup—the only model I know of who does so normally is Sachiko, although it may be true of some amateur and art models too.

  12. gunnar’s avatar

    she’s ok, but honestly, nothing to write home about.

    Doc, i don’t really understand your fascination for sachiko, do you happen to be romantically involved with her? if so it would male quite some sense.. hehe

  13. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I am her photographer, webmaster and manager—that’s why I can say with certainty that she doesn’t wear makeup in her shoots (and her photos aren’t touched up in Photoshop either—I’m too lazy for that!).

    Anyway, let’s keep this thread on topic—I just wanted to make the point that Kai shouldn’t be dismissed because of how she looks without makeup, as many (quite possibly most) other models wouldn’t look any better.

  14. Avatar of The-Dean

    Nice find Travis. I particularly like the way she looks in the Kirb photos.

  15. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Here’s a good example of how a high profile Asian fashion model looks without makeup—check out the first comment in this thread:

    Former Miss China Du Juan a hit on international catwalks

    Perhaps I should do a discussion post on Asian models without makeup?

  16. MaJieMao’s avatar

    Well I’ve lived in China for some time and I’ve seen many a girl without makeup that is beautiful. As for runway models they are almost always ugly women anyhow so that a terrible standard.

  17. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Actually, that’s kind of my point. We should be mindful that most models are both made-up and touched-up in the photos we see.

  18. Avatar of ......

    She’s very pretty when she smiles

  19. Tbone’s avatar

    Exquisite and lovely

  20. gunnar’s avatar

    Doc, ok, i see ;) you’re a good photographer then!

  21. Avatar of The-Dean

    Models aren’t necessarily picked for natural beauty, but rather for meeting a set of particulars (height, weight, high cheekbones, figure, etc) and having a rather mailable look. Now there are certainly exceptions to this and, let’s face it, most are at least reasonably attractive.

  22. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    This is true, which people should keep in mind when they see a prettier girl on the street. Models definitely aren’t necessarily the prettiest ones.

  23. john smith’s avatar

    Good point Dr. Lee. I think no mkeup , no tats, no jewelry and no clothes might show us the true woman. Call the post “neanderthal babes. For me I like haunted houses on Halloween, it might be fake but its fun.

  24. Avatar of daznlover

    Yeah, put on some makeup, get some curls on your hair and you’re ready to go (that only works for some girls anyway).
    She’s cute enough without makeup.
    But gets really great wit the makeup on.

  25. Avatar of Lapis

    Definitely an Asian Siren, and love the line about internet weirdos. We are weird, but we care!