Tbone likes his sirens “fresh faced with a nice body”.

We think that’s probably the prevailing attitude.

Maria (born 2001/2/2) is a Japanese pop singer/dancer and model. She’s a member of the girl group Morning Musume which was formed in 1997, and is known for their revolving door of members that has girls ‘auditioning’ and ‘graduating’ every year. Maria is a member of the 12th generation. She’s also a massive baseball fiend and has thrown the first ball out at a game or two.



  1. Bob Cullum’s avatar

    Once she starts smiling she is fabulous!

  2. Avatar of budweiser

    I’m sure she is lovely naked but the photo that did it for me was her sitting down in that gray dress ,high heels and the thigh length socks, WOW, beautiful

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    Yes! Came to say the same. That photo is phenomenal, and the rest of the set ain’t bad either.

    What a beauty.

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    Another stunning Japanese beauty…maybe I need take a trip there.

  6. John’s avatar

    Most definitely

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    One of the prettiest Japanese ladies ever posted here IMHO.