Tina Phawadee

So, Tina has a lot of photos but not a lot of information.

She’s purported to be about 28 and a resident of Bangkok. Tina is about 5’4″ (152cm) and 108lbs (49kg), with measurements of 35C-26-36″ (89-66-91cm). We suspect she appears more attractive when she’s not trying to model.

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  1. Avatar of Seems

    I’m sure if I met her in person I’d be far more interested, but the combination of unflattering photography and the various bruises and marks on her legs and rear just isn’t very appealing.

  2. Avatar of DeepSky

    With her prominent jawline and facial features, I think that Ms. Tina has a bit of young Asian Sigourney Weaver vibe about her.

  3. D W’s avatar

    Judging from the bruises, it would seem the jungle can be a treacherous place to walk through in your underwear.

    How weird, but awesome, would it be to be finishing a nice jungle stroll and there’s a lady posing naked.

  4. Avatar of MaJieMao

    Yeah the bruises are distracting but she is my type for sure.

  5. Avatar of arf

    Is Thailand open for travelers yet? I really need to go back after seeing her.

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Not the best photography, but a very nice package and looking like an Asian Sigourney Weaver isn’t a bad thing at all.